Concert Details

7 October 2018 – Eric Clapton & His Band


Venue: Madison Square Garden

City: New York

State/Province: NY

Country: United States

Band Lineup:

Eric Clapton – guitar / vocals
Nathan East – bass
Sonny Emory – drums
Doyle Bramhall – guitar
Chris Stainton – keyboards
Paul Carrack – organ / keyboards
Sharon White – vocals
Sharlotte Gibson – vocals


Jimmie Vaughan, Gary Clark, Jr.

Show Notes:

Concert announced Friday, March 9, 2018.

Fan Reviews:

Review by Steve Carpenter
My dad and I were fortunate enough to go to this amazing show. He and I have bonded through the music of Eric Clapton and have seen him live 7 times. This show was nothing short of spectacular!

After an incredible buildup of performances from Jimmy Vaughn and Gary Clark Jr., EC took the stage at 9:30. The set list was very familiar, but Eric always manages to throw in some surprises. We could tell from the beginning of “Somebody Knocking” that this was going to be a special night. “Key to the Highway” and “Hoochie Coochie Man” featured some creative solo work by the usual suspects Chris Stainton, Paul Carrack, and Doyle Bramhall II.  Clapton’s blues solos were fiery and joyful and got a great reaction from the crowd. The beginning electric set ended with a blistering “I Shot the Sheriff”, reminiscent of early 2000s. 

The acoustic set was very well done. I noticed that “Nobody Knows You” sounded slightly different. For whatever reason, EC changed the Dm to an F. At first I thought it was a mistake or I just heard it wrong, but he did it the same way throughout and even the night before. This just shows that even if the song title is the same, you never know how he will mix it up. Although you might have to be a guitar player to notice something like this.

After the acoustic set ended with a soulful “Tears in Heaven,” the band went right into “White Room!”  This was the first time my dad and I had heard this song live, and wow!  Extremely powerful. Eric’s solo seemed to go longer than normal as well, making this the highlight of the night for me. I can’t imagine what people must have thought when this song came out!  The electric set continued with very strong versions of “Crossroads,” “Little Queen of Spades,” and “Cocaine.”  The crowd went nuts and was standing much of the time during this set.

Finally, you could tell the energy from the crowd had been felt by EC as he came back out for the encore. He was more animated than normal even between the songs tonight. The band concluded with Carrack’s “High Time We Went” with special guests Jimmy Vaughn and Gary Clark Jr.  Overall, this was a really emotional and powerful show. I’m so thankful to Eric for creating this experience for my dad and I. I should also mention that there were other father-sons-mother-daughter groups. It’s amazing that he continues to build new bases as time goes on. Great music never dies!  Thank you Eric!

Review by Julie Wallace
Best night ever, Eric is a true legend and the support bands were brilliant, especially Gary Clark Jr.

Review by Sarah Crispin
My first live Clapton show. Flew in from NC with daughter (my birthday present from her!)  Best birthday EVER! So much talent on that stage! But OMG. Eric Clapton!! What do you have when you pair superb technical skills with innate musicality?  Eric Clapton.  Rhythm, dynamics, and all the nuances that a true musician can feel and convey to an audience were mesmerizing.  For instance, Eric’s solo on I Shot the Sheriff was absolutely stunning!  I feel blessed that I had the opportunity to see the master in action. Thank you for a night to remember!!

Review by Merle Slyhoff
Magical! Amazing! I have seen EC 15 times in the States and the UK. Last year 3 times – MSG, RAH and then back at MSG and used part of my kids inheritance for a 4th row seat. 18 years ago I put “see Eric Clapton” on my bucket list. Check many times! Then I added “see Eric Clapton at Royal Albert Hall” and have fulfilled that  twice and once in Birmingham, UK. Check! Last night it was so obvious how truly touched he was at the great response to him and his music. The onstage hugs were so sincere and heartfelt. In the past his world tours have included a long list of venues – a list that only covered the back of a T-shirt because it was in small font. This tour was 4 venues and  I feel so lucky to have been at MSG last night. Do I get a little crazy about EC? You bet! I bawled as usual when he sang Tears in Heaven. I didn’t care if I blocked people when I had to stand during certain songs. A heart-stopper to hear White Room!!!! There were a number of first timers near me and one said it was a once in a lifetime experience. For me it was the 15th in a lifetime and never disappoints! It was a great set list, a wonderful evening and the best way to spend an evening far removed from outside life. When  I saw a life size cut out of EC at a local small music venue I of course went a bit crazy. Went back a year latter and it wasn’t there so I asked why they removed it. About an hour later they presented it to me to keep.  Still on an EC high from last night’s superb show!

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