Concert Details

30 November 2011 – Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood


Venue: Japan Gaishihoru

City: Nagoya

Country: Japan

Band Lineup:

Eric Clapton – guitar, vocals
Steve Winwood – hammond organ, piano, guitar, vocals
Chris Stainton – keyboards
Willie Weeks – bass
Steve Gadd – drums
Michelle John – backing vocals
Sharon White – backing vocals 



Show Notes:

 The venue name is Nippon Gaishi Hall but it is also referred to as Japan Gaishihoru.

Set List:

 01. Had to Cry Today
02. Low Down
03. After Midnight
04. Presence Of The Lord
05. Glad – Well Alright
06. Hoochie Coochie Man
07. While You See A Chance
08. Key To The Highway
09. Pearly Queen
10. Crossroads
11. Georgia
12. Driftin’
13. That’s No Way To Get Along
14. Wonderful Tonight
15. Can’t Find My Way Home
16. Gimme Some Lovin’
17. Voodoo Chile
18. Dear Mr. Fantasy (encore)
19. Cocaine (encore)

Fan Reviews:

 Review by Shinichiro Y

Eric and Steve kicked off 7 cities / 13 dates Japan tour from Sapporo, Northern city and now, they have finished 6 cities /shows other then Tokyo. I have been to five out of eight shows, so I give mid term review of Japan tour.

Actually, my first date was 2nd show on 19th Nov. in Yokohama, Steve was fantastic. but it was nothing, except world premier un-pluged "Wonderful Tonight" from Eric fan point of view.

Two Osaka shows (21st &22nd Nov.) were still dress rehearsal mode and Eric’s electric guitar play were awkward and far from serious fan expectation. Acoustic part was fine, especially 2nd night version of Driftin’ was excellent, it was value for compensation to Martin Guitar, Japan tour sponsor. But Eric give it up Guitar solo of Cocaine to Steve, and he always play fantastic solo on it.

On 26th in Hiroshima, No. Eric’s play was much mellifluence than previous shows, but three blues of "Hoochie Coochie ", Key To The highway"and "Crossroads" were always just pu on setlist. anyway He has remarkably given spine-tinglingly solo on "Voodoo Chile" in Hiroshima.

My friend correspond to me about the Kanazawa show on 28th Nov. – it was best is so far, 5,000 of warm audience were also welcomed and excited.

At Nagoya, they had started with twin-lead guitar version of "Hard to Cry", then Eric had given Cry-Baby Solo on "After Midnight" and played unusual solo on "Glad". In addition aggressive solo during "Hoochie Coochie " in early session. But he had stalled out "While you see a chance". Then later half was of main show was closed with "Voodoo chile" the night.

Anyway, through the first half of Japan tour Eric is getting better. Steve is always fantastic on not only Vocal and also on Guitar, and sometime even better than Eric, incredibly. So, I’m hoping to think that they have warmed -up for Tokyo Five Night now.

Review by Hiroshi M
I feel the performance got to the tour’s peak in Kanazawa — the momentum that carried on to next show in Nagoya. Eric used wah-wah on the solo in After Midnight — a minor but rare occurrence.

Always adored by hordes of casual fans, ladies in particular, and loathed by the hardcore, Wonderful Tonight has now re-established its status as a real charmer. Wherever it is played, everybody loves it, and Nagoya was no exception.

Voodoo Chile — what else can one say about this stunner, besides all that was said already? Well, I can. While the floodlights turned the stage in eerie green, and the gigantic eye was projected on the back screen, the two back-up singers kept swinging their arms to-and-fro incessantly, hanging their heads, as if they were robots out of a 1950s’ science fiction movie.

The lyrics were also interspersed with science fictional imagery (not irrelevant that Jimi was a science fiction fan, I assume). As such, the whole presentation of Voodoo Chile performed in Japan now gives an impression of the blues from another planet! A real fascinating experience. Guitar and Keyboards are not everything here. And Steve achieved another big loud applause from the audience for his illustrious Hammond solo in Voodoo, following Kanazawa.

My personal highlight came when Steve Gadd counted the cue and Cocaine started. Tonight the pace was much slower than usual — yes, this was what I was hoping for! In my humble opinion, Cocaine is better performed slower than faster. It would give a space for Eric to improvise, resulting in a more effective, atmospheric solo. And my prospect was right — Eric did a great solo and finished it in a triumphant, graceful manner, making tonight’s version the best of the four I had heard so far in this tour. It made my day. Nagoya was another top quality show, an achievement by Eric and Steve.

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