Concert Details

31 May 2010 – Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood


Venue: Malmo Arena

City: Malmo

Country: Sweden

Band Lineup:

Eric Clapton – guitar, vocals
Steve Winwood – hammond organ, piano, guitar, vocals
Chris Stainton – keyboards
Willie Weeks – bass
Steve Gadd – drums
Michelle John – backing vocals
Sharon White – backing vocals




Show Notes:

Eric and Steve pared down the set list at this show, dropping "The Shape I’m In."

Set List:

01. Had To Cry Today
02. Low Down
03. After Midnight
04. Presence Of The Lord
05. Glad
06. Well Alright
07. Tuff Luck
08. While You See A Chance
09. Key To The Highway
10. Midland Maniac
11. Crossroads
12. Georgia
13. Driftin’
14. How Long
15. Layla
16. Can’t Find My Way Home
17. Gimme Some Lovin’
18. Voodoo Chile
19. Cocaine
20. Dear Mr. Fantasy (encore)

Fan Reviews:

Review by Goran Dahlgren
Absolutely fabulous show, Clapton and Winwood played and sung brilliant throughout the concert outperforming even the highest expectations. Highlights included Tough Luck Blues, Driftin´, Georgia, Gimme Me Some Lovin and Voodoo Chile. Claptons solos on Tough Luck Blues and Georgia among the best I have heard.

Review by Gösta Kylsberg
Could it be better? Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood together is the perfect match. I have seen Eric manyt times live since the 1980s and the latest show was at the O2 Arena, London with Jeff Beck. That concert was suberb, but this concert in Malmö was really a knock-out performance. With the great repertoar of these artists, you could always wish for more, but the show gave the audience two hours of great music, starting with the Blind Faith song ‘Had to cry today’.

Among the highlights of the show where ‘Crossroads’, which Eric played with an enormous confidence – the best version I have heard for years. Also I must agree with previous reviews that ‘Voodoo Chile’ was THE SONG of the evening. Jimi Hendrix must be proud. Also the acoustic ‘Driftin’ Blues’ was extraordinary. Steve Winwood has also been one of my favourites ever since the Spencer Davies Group, and ‘Georgia on my mind’ was breath-taking. ‘Gimme some loving’ and ‘Dear Mr Fantasy’ were also absolutely fantastic, with great song, and great solos.

We can only hope there will be a DVD from this tour in order to be able to remember the great music these fantastic musician always deliver, since a lot of songs have changed since the MSG concerts. Looking forward to coming concerts and what about making a studio record, Eric and Steve?

Review by Ed Oh / Sodertalje, Sweden
It was yet another great show for Mr. Clapton and Mr. Winwood as all have been applauding since the beginning!

Eric continues to surprise me with every concert I attend wherever it is. I was so high from the excitement and awe and it took me a long while to come down from the experience.

We were at the very front of the stage, right in front of Eric and Steve. And it’s always a pleasure chatting up with other fans – who also have been travelling across the country, oceans and continents – with each of their own personal anecdotes before the show as a "warm-up".

Eric: Succinct and tasty solos in "Tuff Luck Blues" and "Georgia". I was thoroughly impressed by his quick switch with the solo in "After Midnight" when he dropped his pick just as he started it. He flawlessly executed the solo with his ever-improving finger-picking.

Steve: Looked a bit tired or perhaps was too focused. Regardless, performed fantastically especially in "Georgia" and "Dear Mr. Fantasy". His Leslie was rotating about twice as fast as Eric’s. As my girlfriend put it, he had a charismatic presence on the stage on the contrary to Eric’s signature under-stated and perhaps shy presence.

Steve Gadd: The final climatic drumming out-take was supreme in "Can’t Find My Way Home". My favourite drummer for EC.

Willie Weeks: Almost don’t realize that he’s there but when you listen, he’s there more than ever!

Chris Stainton: A trusty stage-mate for Eric since forever! His synth-solo was new to me and it sounded really nice as well his octave-running ending in "Cocaine" was impressive but lacked the vigour as he used to do at the RAH. Fantastic nonetheless.

Michelle Jhon and Sharon White: Steadily and surely found their places as Katie Kissoon and Tessa Niles used to do marvelously. I believe Sharon was the only backing during the acoustic set.

I can’t wait ’til the next tour to see these amazing musicians again!

Review by Cristiana Lauri / Rome, Italy
Attending Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood’s gig in Malmo Arena was really an experience I was unprepared for.

Even though I have been attending Mr. Clapton’s gigs in the latest years, I must say that the energy he brings on stage it’s every year stronger. It’s unbelievable, the way he drove strength and feelings and skills, all around on stage and in the entire arena.

“Had To Cry Today” opened the concert with a smashing sound and “After Midnight” continued it, with such a grit that I was completely in the moment.

“Presence Of The Lord” gave me the image and feeling of these two guys, two friends, back to the green years, playing and playing, over and over again. Enjoying without a stop, Sharing with all of us, this magic in Music.

Jumping further then, “Crossroads” still stands as a masterpiece and every version is unforgettable for its sound, in harmony with mood and soul.

Mr. Winwood’s way of giving voice to piano and guitar is so poetical, as in “Georgia” and “Can’t Find My Way Home”, for example. His warm voice is always so passionate and enchanting.

I do not need to mention that the entire audience was really in the moment with “Layla”. It was an acoustic version and it showed, according to me, all Mr. Clapton’s intensity and commitment.

“Voodoo Chile” and “Cocaine” were both breathtaking, inspiring in technique and with such an overwhelming energy. Inspiring yes indeed, for all of us, if we dare to play these songs on our guitars, as our Masters did on stage that very night!

I am still there, emotionally speaking, so special it all was, especially when Mr. Clapton gave all he had in his solos, really, all he had! Thank you, by my heart!

The song they chose as encore “Dear Mr. Fantasy” is not one of my favourites, but this is just a very personal opinion, nothing to deal with the amount of expression and feeling they played it with.

I want to spend my final words in this review, for all the musicians on stage – Gadd, Stainton, Weeks and the girls for the vocals: I believe they all are a very good entourage for Mr. Clapton’s rhythm and sound, and for the harmony they showed and shared.

To end up with, I just have a small and funny remark, for all of us in the audience: when the band played “Cocaine”, the outro let space to us, to sing out the final word ( “cocaine”…exactly!). Well, it was the weakest I ever heard from an audience! But Mr. Clapton, for the gentleman he truly is, thanked all of us in a very kind way.


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