Concert Details

13 Mar 10 - Eric Clapton


Venue: Amway Arena

City: Orlando

State/Province: FL

Country: United States

Band Lineup:

Eric Clapton – guitar / vocals
Chris Stainton – keyboards
Walt Richmond – keyboards
Willie Weeks – bass
Steve Gadd – drums
Michelle John – backing vocals
Sharon White – backing vocals


Roger Daltrey

Show Notes:

This was the final concert of Eric’s 11-date US Tour. Eric would now go on hiatus for 2 months, resuming his touring activity on 18 May 2010 for a series of dates in Europe with Steve Winwood.

Set List:

01. Going Down Slow
02. Key To The Highway
03. Tell The Truth
04. Old Love
05. I Shot The Sheriff
06. Driftin’ Blues
07. Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out
08. Running On Faith
09. Layla
10. I’ve Got A Rock N Roll Heart
11. Badge
12. Wonderful Tonight
13. Before You Accuse Me
14. Little Queen of Spades
15. Cocaine
16. Crossroads (encore)

Fan Reviews:

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By Donovan Murray
Just got back from the last show of Eric’s short North American Tour. This is my 7th time attending a Clapton concert and I’m telling you he is getting better and better, there’s no question. I will agree with the previous reviews, the show was too short, especially EC’s set. However he more than made up for the length with A1 playing. I know there have been complaints about Eric not inneracting with the fans, but in this case it was a blessing. Eric did seem to be in a bit of a rush in between songs, but that is how he was able to cram 16 excellent jams into a tight 95 minute performance. The other 6 concerts I went to has around 18 or 19 songs spread over 2 and a half hours. Tonight as I said he got 16 extended songs in at just over an hour and a half. He just rolled right into the next song when he finished one.

As is my MO at Clapton nights, I always take as my guest a friend of mine who has never seen EC before. When they arrive they are usually just a casual fan who would never think of going if I hadn’t invited. But as was the case in the last 5 concerts, I watched a transformation inside my buddy which starts with him or her staring, mouth open at Eric’s playing a solo. Then at the end of the solo, my pal simply shakes their head and say "WOW". And they always walk away a life long convert! It’s funny but it’s always "Old Love" that does it for them. Tonight was no exception, "Old Love" was outstanding, as was "Sherrif". "Drifting Blues" was top notch tonight! I always enjoyed "Running on Faith" but this is the first time I’ve seen it done accoustic fashion. I thought it sounded fresh like a song that could be on the new radio today even.

My one bone of contention is that although I truly love accoustic "Layla" (and he did a superb job tonight), I really, really would like to see the electric version played. For some bad stroke of luck in 7 shows i’ve only had the electric "Layla" once! Oh well the slow one was awesome anyway.

Getting back to electric guitar, "Badge" was incredible! My favorite love song of all time (just ask every girlfriend I ever had, it became OUR SONG) Wonderful Tonight sounded….Wonderful. "Queen of Spades" was great, has some killer keyboard solos by Chris Stainton and Walt Richmond. Of course I don’t need to tell you about Willie Weeks and Steve Gadd they were perfect as usual. Can’t ask for a better rythym section. "Cocaine" sounded better tonight than I’ve heard since "Just One Night" I swear! and that was what 30 years ago?? Truly awesome version. And the encore of "Crossroads" tore the house down like always.

All in all I’d rate it as 2nd or 3rd out of my 7 expierences. Nothing can touch the Blues tour of 94-95 for me. But as far as the others its right up there as one of the best. I hope Eric is back in Florida real soon, cause I can’t wait to see him again. Thank you Eric for a Wonderful Night.

Review by Doug Woulf
Great night of music. Roger Daltry (as is norm for opening act) started his set to a half empty arena. But by the end of the second song, the arena was full; the crowd wanted to see him and he did not disappoint. We were on our feet several times as his band did an admirable job on many of The Who hits. Roger got a two minute ovation at the end of the set, and it was well deserved.

Eric was his usual non-chatty self, quickly going from song to song without comments or even band introductions. Highlights for me were "I Shot the Sheriff", "Old Love" and the acoustic "Driftin Blues". How anyone (from prior posts on prior shows) could be disappointed in this show after the numerous incredible solos on those and most other songs is unfortunate; for them. Tonight there was no disappointment in watching this generation’s best blues guitarist at top form. Can’t wait for his next visit.

Review by Shaun Keenan / Tampa FL
Mr. Clapton and the very talented band that accompanied him Saturday evening was simply phenomenal! (The man should be knighted asap. "Sir Eric" just sounds right!) Although I’ve only managed to catch EC on two other occasions (both within the last five years), I can only say that the previous reviews citing Eric’s unbelievable interaction with his Fender Strat are truthful and spot on as EC’s musical ability is nothing short of mesmerizing – unforgettable – a mastery not seen performed by mortal man. EC playing without a second guitarist indeed forced him to play above and beyond and in this show, he did not disappoint. Yes, he did go from one song to the next rather quickly, but hey that’s what ya pay for! And he brought it! The tried and true standards of the past few years were delivered in such an excellent fashion as to make you only wanting more. Please EC, next time ’round, we hope and pray we can keep ya a bit longer than a 95 minute sixteen song set (please don’t take this as criticism…it’s just that we cannot get enough of your outstanding showmanship)!

Going Down Slow was rhythmic and a wonderful tune to start the night. Never having seen him play this live, it is now one of my favorites. I can never grow tired of hearing or seeing EC play Key to the Highway or Tell the Truth. Man, those were fantastic!

The solos, vocals, and interaction between the bandmates for Old Love and I Shot The Sheriff could’ve brought the roof down if not for solid architectural construction (BTW…the acoustics at the Amway Arena were "bueno" – no complaints here). EC’s guitar solos in both songs made all of us in our row simply utter "Oh my god!" To have the chance to see such expression made with a guitar was truly something to behold.

The acoustic set gave EC a chance to get cozy with the crowd and cozy did he get. Each of the tunes, to include Layla, were executed in such mastery as to leave you with the desire to have the chance to see EC play acoustically in a very small intimate club setting. The five-song acoustic set was really wonderful and gave you the chance to appreciate that while this individual is an incredible electric guitarist, he can also make an acoustic guitar sing with similar effortless mastery.

The rest of the "power" evening just left you wanting more and more.The keyboard solos and playing of both Chris Stainton and Walt Richmond were incredible! Their playing and musical interaction with EC’s strat and the fantastic rhythm section of both Steve Gadd and Willie Weeks truly made the evening a treasure to behold. The backing vocalists – Ms John and Ms White – thanks for adding to a truly memorable musical production!

I could say something about each and every song brought to life this evening and at the end of the day, words just can’t describe how enjoyable it is to see Eric Clapton and his Band live!

Thanks for sharing a little bit of yourself with those fortunate to have been present not just in Orlando but in the other ten cities blessed to have hosted you (can we have another live album please?). Simply put, seeing Eric Clapton and his Band are right up there as one of life’s wonderful experiences; one just can’t say they’ve lived until they’ve seen him perform. Thank you Eric.

Review by Stan Widziunas / Bradenton FL
Eric was in top form tonight! I thought the show started off a little slow (not a bad thing) with cool mellow tune, but quickly picked up steam. This was also my seventh time that I had seen him and I was happy for a change that he did the acoustic version of Layla. In fact, I think that the acoustic set was the highlight of the show. Driftin’ Blues was amazing, as was the rest of his accoustic set. Getting back to the electric part of his show, Old Love was again amazing (I know, I already used that adjective). If he only played that one song and went home, it would have been worth the two hour trip. What I thought was interesting is that this show was the only time I have ever seen him with no other guitar player. The people he usually plays with like Doyle Brahmall and yes, the first time I saw him was with Mark Knopfler, are great guitar players in their own right, seeing him alone made you really apperciate how great he is. It was also kind of cool to see him strumming chords once in a while.

Lastly, the fact he did not chat up the crowd much is a good thing, his guitar playing is what I came to see. It was a little disappointing that Roger didn’t join him for a jam for the encore, how cool would a blistering version of Eyesight to the Blind would have been? And he really needs to get a hair cut! Other than that, I would say that show was tied for the seventh best Clapton show I ever seen.

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