Concert Details

17 June 1964 – The Yardbirds


"Cool Spot" Television Show (Episode 1 / BBC One)


Venue: Nottingham Ice Stadium

City: Nottingham, East Midlands

Country: United Kingdom

Band Lineup:

Presenter: David Jacobs
Skater: Jacqueline Harbord
Skater: John Slater
Skater: Joan Dewhirst
Skater: Robert McKay
Skater: Peter Burrows
Skater: Valerie Hunt
Guest: Christine Holmes
Designer: Margaret Peacock
Producer: Reg Perrin
Musicians: The Yardbirds
  • Eric Clapton – Lead Guitar
  • Keith Relf – Vocals / Harmonica
  • Chris Dreja – Rhythm Guitar
  • Paul Samwell-Smith – Bass
  • Jim McCarty – Drums

Show Notes:

Probable date of recording for 7 July broadcast at 18:35. Radio Times described it as “Television’s new Ice-Discery where you can Skate, Shake or Just Listen.”

See BBC Genome Project: BBC One / The Cool Spot

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