Concert Details

8 July 2018 – Eric Clapton & His Band


British Summer Time Hyde Park


Venue: Hyde Park

City: London

Country: United Kingdom

Band Lineup:

Eric Clapton – guitar / vocals
Nathan East – bass
Sonny Emory – drums
Doyle Bramhall – guitar
Chris Stainton – keyboards
Paul Carrack – organ / keyboards
Sharon White – vocals
Sharlotte Gibson – vocals


Santana, Steve Winwood, Zucchero, Gary Clark, Jr., Chas & Dave, Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real, The Wandering Hearts, Ryan Kinder, The Americans, Eric Paslay, Kelly McGrath

Show Notes:

Announced November 27, 2017. The event was sold out and attended by 65,000 people. 

Special Guest(s):

Marcy Levy (Marcella Detroit) – vocals on “Lay Down Sally” and “The Core”
Carlos Santana – guitar on “High Time We Went”

Set List:

01. Somebody’s Knockin’
02. Key To The Highway
03. Hoochie Coochie Man
04. Got To Get Better In A Little While
05. Driftin‘
06. Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out
07. Layla
08. Tears In Heaven
09. Lay Down Sally – with Marcy Levy
10. The Core – with Marcy Levy
11. Wonderful Tonight
12. Crossroads
13. LIttle Queen Of Spades
14. Cocaine
15. High Time We Went – with Carlos Santana

Fan Reviews:

Review by Tony Edser / Where’s Eric! Editor
There was a wonderful atmosphere in Hyde Park on Sunday, amplified by the two things guaranteed to put the home audience in good spirits – bright sunshine and success (so far) on the soccer field for the national team in the World Cup tournament, the latter alluded to by Eric as he walked on stage by saying  “It’s coming home”.

The organisers added to the good feelings by creating something of a carnival atmosphere too – colourful, themed food and drink outlets, a fairground carousel, interactive stages and helpful, friendly staff in abundance.

The wonderful lineup of artists complemented each other well and delivered songs with passion despite the heat and the sun aimed straight in their faces. The sound overall was good for a big outdoor event, although Steve Winwood perhaps suffered more than most with the volume drifting in and out on occasions, as occasional breezes picked up.

There had been much online discussion about Eric’s recent set lists, most of which has been fairly constructive, but, after two recent shows in Germany, expectations of major changes to his base formula were low, although the probability of guests joining him here at some point were high.

As such, Somebody’s Knocking laboured a little to these ears, as Eric adjusted to the surroundings, but it was clear from the off that Doyle Bramhall would respectfully nudge his boss by delivering his own bluesy, soulful solos, which prompted some fine guitar duelling from the pair at the conclusion of Got to get Better.

After the acoustic set, Eric surprised everyone by launching into the chugging Lay Down Sally riff, then calling out and inviting up “Marcy Levy, the lady that wrote this song”. This was a real treat and Ms Levy was in fine voice, staying on stage for an extended (and quite magnificent) version of The Core. “We haven’t performed together since 1985 – it was such a thrill thank you so much” she offered and the crowd acknowledged this notable reunion with gusto.

Despite their familiarity, I really enjoyed Little Queen of Spades and Cocaine for the first time in a while, both with excellent solo contributions from the band and spirited playing from Eric, including funky wah wah on the latter.

Thankfully, the ”all-star back on stage for an impromptu jam” didn’t materialize, but the amazing Carlos Santana, who earlier had delivered an extraordinary virtuoso set, did return for High Time.

So, Eric looked in good shape physically, he played well, tinkered nicely with some of the arrangements, surprised us with the guests and left everyone happy.

Maybe it is coming home!!

Review by John-Paul Birch
Just left Eric, Santana & Winwood and suffice to say it was truly epic seeing these masters of their craft at the Hyde Park BST Festival. Truly amazing. Eric’s opening words from the Great Oak stage were “its coming home”. I guess not only a football reference but perhaps, also his return to Hyde Park.

65,000 fans basked in glorious summer sun to watch the Gods at play. Winwood and his organ really got it going with so many hits from his extensive career. Santana whipped the crowd into a frenzy with his Latino blues groves which paved the for Eric, who on this occasion welcomed Santana back on stage for “High Time We We Went”, after an extensive set of hits and blues classics.

Eric you are still and always will be a God. What we need now is Crossroads UK festival

Review by Ken Duffin
What a day! The Sun was shining and there was music in the air.

On the Main stage at 2pm, Lukas Nelson showed that genius runs in the family, as his performance was spot on. A couple of songs he sounded just like his father Willie. Next up was Gary Clark Jr, who opened powerfully and kept that up all through his show. This man just gets better every time I see him. Then Steve Winwood, I have to admit to not being a big fan of his voice, but he put on a great show, with a good selection of Blind Faith numbers to make me happy. There was a surge of people to see Santana, and I do not blame them. He put on such a stellar show, I thought Eric would have trouble matching the energy. I believe this Santana band is one of his best since the 1970’s. The percussion, always good, was very tight but loose.

Then it was time for Eric. He came on very casual, with a wave and a comment about the heat, then began to ramp up the heat even more with a blistering set. No real suprises in the set list until the second half.

Somebody’s Knockin’ had good solos from both Doyle Bramhall and Eric. Key to the Highway and Hocchie Coochie Man were nice, again with good solos but this time Chris Stainton and Paul Carrack were given nice spots too. Then, the pace stepped up on Got To Get Better with a great intro on Wah Wah by Eric, Sonny Emory played a very good drum solo, then Eric & Doyle traded solos. Magnificent. The acoustic set allowed us to cool down. Driftin’ followed by a nice Nobody Knows You, Layla & Tears In Heaven. All very good.

The second half opened with suprise guest Marcy Levy coming on stage looking a good as she did last time she was with the band in 1985. They opened with Lay Down Sally, and this was Marcy’s song. Her voice blended with Eric and she was given a short Harmonica solo. Nice. Then it was The Core. A joy of a song, and again the interplay between Marcy and Eric was great. Marcy left to great applause. Wonderful tonight was OK. The crowd seemed to like it (Of Course) but I thought it was the weakest song of the night. Crossroads was next, bringing the quality up again. Then Little Queen Of Spades, best performance of the night.Great opening by Eric, Chris Stainton’s solo was outstanding, followed by Paul Carrack, then a blistering solo by Doyle. To close the show of course was Cocaine, great solos all round, but pride of place again goes to Chris.

The Encore was High Time We Went, but not as we know it. Carlos Santana came on and stole the song from under everybody.

All in all the best show I have seen at Hyde Park. And I got a sun tan free of charge as well. Thank you Eric.

Review by Russell Moore
I had the great pleasure to be at the Hyde Park gig. This was pure genius , we were all treated to a night to treasure. Amazing weather , thousands of fans and from my spot in the Golden circle it was both emotional and electric, each song shown true affection and some songs such as Layla , Tears in Heaven leaving us all with big lumps in our throats!
Well done Eric and all your top top band members all creating a night for us all to remember forever, thank you.

Review by Mary Schubert
Review: fabulous amazing and he’s still got it. At this point you almost expect some of the greats to phone it in. Not Clapton. His blues and his oldies sounded as good live as they did decades ago as recordings. Seriously thinking New York in October

Review by Hiroshi M
The Core debuted live on EC’s 1977 Japan tour and was the show opener. I vividly remember the moment Eric and his band started the tour’s opening night in Osaka with the then unreleased new song (the Slowhand album was yet to be released in another two months), the audience’s rather bewildered response when Marcy sang the first lines, and their applause not without hesitation to Eric who counter-sang to Marcy.

Now, 41 years later, I am thrilled by the sight of the duo performing this song in Hyde Park — and, l tell you something, this is my 100th Eric show! Naturally enough, there is a sense of full circle in me. Marcy’s guest appearance has made this commemorative occasion of mine even more special. If there is a night to remember, this certainly is.

Review by Ron Bird
An excellent day and was there of course to see Eric, who incidentally I first saw at the Windsor Jazz and Blues festival back in 1966!! (I had actually gone to see Georgie Fame). One grip though, for much of Eric’s concert the live picture and the sound were out of sync, not by just a little either. Especially noticeable with both Marcy Levy’s numbers.

Review by Ania Daniel
The concert in Hyde Park was absolutely great and we were all very happy to hear Eric’s music! I was up front in diamond zone so I could enjoy everything very closely!

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