Concert Details

30 April 2014 – Eric Clapton & His Band


Venue: Mud Island Amphitheatre

City: Memphis

State/Province: TN

Country: United States

Band Lineup:

Eric Clapton – Guitar / Vocals
Andy Fairweather Low – Guitar / Vocals
Chris Stainton – Keyboards
Paul Carrack – Keyboards / Vocals
Dave Bronze – Bass
Henry Spinetti – Drums
Michelle John – Backing Vocals
Sharon White – Backing Vocals


ZZ Ward

Set List:

01. Somebody’s Knocking
02. Key To The Highway
03. Pretending
04. Hoochie Coochie Man
05. Tell The Truth
06. Driftin’
07. Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out
08. Crazy Mama
09. Stones In My Passway
10. Layla
11. How Long (Paul Carrack – vocal)
12. Before You Accuse Me
13. Crossroads
14. Little Queen Of Spades
15. Cocaine
16. High Time We Went (Paul Carrack – vocal)

Fan Reviews:

Review by Dave & Marlene Boyd / Logansport IN
We drove to Memphis to see the show at the Mud Island Ampitheatre, a great place to see a concert. It was well worth the trip from Indiana! We wanted to see this tour in case we didn’t have another chance to see EC. What a great time we had, though it was a bit chilly everyone seemed to be dressed for it including Eric who wore a long coat that reminded us of the Forever Man video. The girls were a bit frozen, it looked like their portable heater went out about halfway through the show. Eric was awesome as usual and the band sounded awesome as well! The intro to Paul Carrack’s “How Long” was  the beginning of “Papa Was A Rolling Stone” and Eric absolutely rocked it! It was the fourth time we have had the pleasure of seeing him and this show was very special to us as we had eighth row center seats. Good to see Andy with the band again, he tore it up a couple of times also! Just a very enjoyable evening and we were blessed to be there!

Review by Stephen Fowler
On a chilly night on the banks of the mighty Mississippi River, Eric Clapton and his band braved the 48 degrees temperatures and put on a stellar show. Long coat flapping in the breeze, he blazed through the set with fire. The acoustic set was really a high point with its J.J. Cale hit Crazy Mama as well as such chestnuts as Drifting and Layla (which had a new tempo). The dual keyboard of Paul Carrack and Chris Stainton were really superb as the band gave Eric a pad to show off his chops. Carrack’s classic Ace hit, How Long, was brilliant with Eric blistering a great lead break on it. The Robert Johnson blues of Crossroads, Stones In My Passway, and Little Queen Of Spades were all special moments. This was my 28th Clapton show and all have been special. He is a consummate musician and never fails to deliver quality music without pretense and pomp. I can’t wait until he comes back again!

Review by Terry Fletcher
Last night was my 8th time seeing Eric in concert.  I must confess that he gets better with age. His setlist was filled with a ton of  blues classics from the Mississippi Delta which made this ‘Mississippi Delta’ boy very happy. He also included several songs from the ‘From The Cradle’ cd, several from his days with Derek and the Dominos, and other crowd favorites. My favorite moment from the show was ‘Crossroads’.  I love that song since I grew up in Cleveland, Mississippi which is about 10 miles from Rosedale. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed Eric’s show.  My only complaint is that his set lasted only an hour and a half.  Hopefully this won’t be the last time old ‘Slowhand’ graces Memphis with his presence. 

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