Concert Details

14 Nov 13 - Eric Clapton


Venue: Event Halle, Messe Basel

City: Basel

Country: Switzerland

Band Lineup:

Eric Clapton – Guitar / Vocals
Andy Fairweather Low – Guitar / Vocals
Chris Stainton – Keyboards
Paul Carrack – Keyboards / Vocals
Dave Bronze – Bass
Henry Spinetti – Drums
Michelle John – Backing Vocals
Sharon White – Backing Vocals


The Blackberry Brandies

Show Notes:

Second of two shows. Eric Clapton will headline the final two evenings of the annual indoor music festival, Baloise Session. One hour from this performance was aired on Swiss radio SRF3 on Monday 18 November 2013 at 21:00. The show show was filmed and later streamed on the following February.

Five songs at this concert were written by JJ Cale and performed as a tribute: “Don’t Go To Strangers,” “Since You Said Goodbye,” After Midnight,” “Call Me The Breeze,” and “Cocaine.” “After Midnight,” rarely featured in a set list, was performed in the style of JJ Cale, rather than the way it was recorded in the studio by Eric (1970 and 1987). 

The guitars, amps and pedals used by EC were:
Fender Eric Clapton Masterbuilt Stratocaster Black
Fender Eric Clapton Masterbuilt Stratocaster Pewter
Martin OM-ECHF Navy Blues
Fender Bassman (4×10)
Leslie Speaker
Dunlop Crybaby Classic GCB95
Box to switch from the amp to the Leslie or to select both

Set List:

01. Don’t Go To Strangers
02. Key To The Highway
03. Hoochie Coochie Man
04. Got My Mojo Working
05. Since You Said Goodbye
06. After Midnight
07. Call Me The Breeze
08. Gin House (Andy Fairweather Low – vocals)
09. How Long (Paul Carrack – vocals)
10. Driftin’
11. Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out
12. Layla
13. Pretending
14. Wonderful Tonight
15. Crossroads
16. Little Queen Of Spades
17. Cocaine
18. High Time We Went (Paul Carrack – vocals)

Fan Reviews:

Review by Georges Vonfelt
Just arriving home after the concert. Have seen Eric on stage 12 times and it’s my opinion, the best band he ever had. With Andy Fairweather Low at his side, Eric is at his best and on fire. I had an old buddy with me and it was his first Clapton concert. He said “he was sure that it would be a good concert but SO good never; defintively on the top 3 of the concerts I have seen.” Highlights were Pretending, Little Queen Of Spades and Crossroads. The concert would have been great for a live dvd.

Review by Alain Dufour
I completely crossed France from West to East to reach Basel for my 7th EC concert tonight (Nov 14th) at the Baloise Session. Well, it was well worth the trip. Eric was definitively here right from the beginning, playing numerous stunning solos and he was not alone: Muddy Waters, JJ Cale, and Robert Johnson must have been somewhere around, inhabiting Eric.

Tonight was Strat-osph-Eric! It was the best show that I have ever seen, together with the EC-Steve Winwood concert at Bercy, France in 2010. The whole concert was incredible. The highlights in my opinion: Key to the Highway, Hoochie Cochie Man, Got my mojo working, After Midnight, Call me the breeze, Andy Fairweather Low’s Gin House, Paul Carrack’s How Long, the short but excellent acoustic set (Driftin’, Nobody knows you, Layla), a rather heavy Pretending (which I did not hear live since 2006), a fantastic Crossroads and the cream of the cream: a Little Queen of Spades that outcompeted the 2013 RAH version (I thought it was impossible to play it better, well he just did). LQS was so good tonight that I had tears coming in my eyes!

The concert then wrapped up with Cocaine and High time we went as the only encore song. My only slight criticism is that the concert was quite short (1h45m, Knock on wood and Goodnight Irene were not played tonight and not replaced by other songs). I was expecting as least one more song (Further on up the road would have been a perfect ending), but it was largely compensated by the incredible intensity of the whole show.

It should be noted that it takes a full band for such an outstanding concert and that this lineup is really excellent. Andy is a perfect complement to Eric, Dave and Henry are just perfect (Henry managed to give an unusual sound to Wonderful tonight), Chris is fantastic as usual, Sharon and Michelle are indispensable, and Paul is bringing his great sound.

Review by Andy Seghers
Eric played really enthusiastic. What a solo in “Gin House”, best version I ever heard. To tracks from yesterday’s setlist were dropped : “Knock on Wood” and “Goodnight Irene”.

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