Concert Details

30 March 2013 – Eric Clapton & His Band


Venue: Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

City: Hollywood

State/Province: FL

Country: United States

Band Lineup:

Eric Clapton – guitar, vocals
Doyle Bramhall II – guitar
Greg Leisz – pedal steel guitar
Chris Stainton – piano, keyboards
Paul Carrack – organ, keyboards
Willie Weeks – bass
Steve Jordan – drums
Michelle John – backing vocals
Sharon White – backing vocals


The Wallflowers

Show Notes:

This concert took place on Eric Clapton’s 68th Birthday. The band sang “Happy Birthday” to Eric prior to the encore numbers of “Sunshine Of Your Love” and “High Time We Went”.

Set List:

01. Hello Old Friend
02. My Father’s Eyes
03. Tell The Truth
04.  Gotta Get Over
05.  Black Cat Bone
06. Gotta Get Better In A Little While
07. Tempted
08. Badge
09. Driftin’
10. Lay Down Sally
11. Tears In Heaven
12. Layla
13. Wonderful Tonight
14. How Long
15. Stones In My Passway
16. Love In Vain
17 Crossroads
18 Little Queen Of Spades
19. Cocaine
[Happy Birthday – by band to EC]
20. Sunshine Of Your Love
21. High Time We Went

Fan Reviews:

Review by John Stroker / Miami FL
EC’s 60’s National Studio 66 guitar that he used in the 1985 film “Water” was on display in the lobby/entrance to the Hard Rock Hotel.

It was another sold out performance at the state-of-the art Hard Rock Live venue in Hollywood, Fl.  The 5,500 in attendance were treated to a 21 song set list, with the sound near perfect.  Eric’s voice has never been stronger, and although I have seen him play more solos, and faster riffs, it was another outstanding performance.  Eric’s solos shined on “Tell The Truth”, “Got To Get Better In A Little While” and “Little Queen Of Spades”, while allowing all other members their time to shine as well.  This was a special show as it was his 68th birthday, and he looked very fit for his age as well!

The first 2 numbers – a rousing “Hello Old Friend” with great backing vocals and “My Father’s Eyes – were played on his EC signature Spruce top Martin.  Eric then broke into a uncharacteristic dialogue saying: “Thank you all for coming to my Birthday Party” and then explaining, “I normally take my birthday off” and adding in jest, “but you know times are rough”, and the crowd roared!

The next six tunes were played on his EC signature Black strat, with the very talented Paul Carrak taking lead vocal on his hit “Tempted” and later in the show on “How Long”.  He also provided vocals on the closing tune “High Time We Went”.  Although slightly curious on the addition of Greg Leisz as a permanent pedal-steel/lap slide player, he added some great highlights to the show including on “Black Cat Bone” and Tears In Heaven”.  I really enjoyed the live take on “Gotta Get Over” from the brand new Old Sock CD.

After “Badge” Eric and Doyle were seated for the min-acoustic set on “Drifitin’”, “Lay Down Sally”, ”Tears In Heaven”, “Layla” and “Wonderful Tonight”.  Eric played all on his new EC signature Blue Martin.

He then switched back to his black Strat for the rest of the show, playing a tasty solo for Paul’s “How Long” and great slide guitar exchange between Eric and Doyle on Robert Johnson classic “Stones In My Passway” which began the Johnson mini-suite which also included “Love In Vain”, “Crossroads” and “Little Queen Of Spades”.  The show closed with a rousing version of “Cocaine” with a great Chris Stainton keyboard solo.

After a short break the returned for the encores of “Sunshine Of Your Love”, bring the full venue to its feet, and closing with “High Time We Went”.  As usual the great drumming of Steve Jordan and bass player extraordinaire Willie Weeks nailed the rhythm down perfectly.  As always the beautiful voices of Michelle John and Sharon White provided the perfect harmonies that always seem to enliven an Eric concert.

A great time was had by all, even in the quieter acoustic numbers.  The cell phones lit up the arena when Eric started his very emotive and emotional take on “Tears In Heaven” and gaining a stronger voice during the chorus.

My wife and I are off to New York City in a couple weeks for both nights of the Crossroads Festival, her first and my third Crossroads!  It should be spectacular, and I will provide comments soon after the shows.  What an appropriate time to thank Eric for three things: 1) providing an incredible 50 year history of some of the greatest music of all time; 2) Dedicating his time and efforts to continue to please fans all around the work and 3) For providing me with the incentive to pick up the guitar and continue to expand my musical horizons!

In closing, do not miss the opportunity to pick up the “50 Years Further On Up The Road” tour program, which is crammed with incredible memorabilia and the incredible 50 year gig history!  It is also part of the incredible and beautifully hand-crafted Genesis Publications “Six-String Stories – Eric Clapton The Crossroads Guitars” a must have for any EC fanatic (like me)!

It was great that Eric chose to play tunes from nearly all 6 decades of his historic career.  Lastly a trivia question: Who is the only player to play on a Beatles LP, perform on John, Paul, George & Ringo studio LPs and play with each of them on live tracks?   The Answer: Of course the most versatile Eric Clapton.  Happy Birthday Eric – from all your fans.

Review by Luis F. Theaux Sr.
Eric came to South Florida on Friday & Saturday, his 68th Birthday! I will not write about Friday night except for this, who bats 1000? or who doesn’t miss a jump shot? No one can be on every night & EC was off on Friday night but Doyle, Chris & Paul Carrack carried that night along with the Weeks/Jordan Bass/Drum excellence! EC was tired, he looked it, I was in Row 2! On Saturday However, he made up for it! Amazing to do what he does at this age! He was as good if not better than previous shows! He gets better with age! He did one set Friday including “I Shot the Sheriff” & “Goodnight Irene” & changed those two on Saturday with “Lay Down Sally” & “Layla” (Acoustic)! He was “ON” Saturday! The crowd serenaded him with an uneven “Happy Birthday” & he actually “spoke” to the crowd, “Thank You for coming to my birthday show” he said! Then it seemed like every song was different from the night before, better played & a solo in almost every song! He was smiling & having fun with the crowd & the band! Father Time gets to all of us, it has finally reached EC but that means nothing as far as his fingers & that unique “Clapton”-style of Guitar playing! I believe I have seen him live for the last time! If you have a chance to see him? Don’t miss it? Do it! Not my favorite selections but I will listen to him play anything! Don’t expect “Cream” or “Derek”? This is a Classic Clapton Show!


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