Concert Details

2 Mar 11 - Eric Clapton


Venue: HP Pavilion

City: San Jose

State/Province: CA

Country: United States

Band Lineup:

Eric Clapton – guitar, vocals
Chris Stainton – keyboards
Tim Carmon – keyboards
Willie Weeks – bass
Steve Gadd – drums
Michelle John – backing vocals
Sharon White – backing vocals


Los Lobos

Set List:

01. Key To The Highway
02. Going Down Slow
03. Hoochie Coochie Man
04. Old Love
05. I Shot The Sheriff
06. Driftin’
07. Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out
08. River Runs Deep
09. When Somebody Thinks You’re Wonderful
10. Same Old Blues (song by JJ Cale)
11. Layla
12. Badge
13. Wonderful Tonight
14. Before You Accuse Me
15. Little Queen Of Spades
16. Cocaine
17. Further On Up The Road

Fan Reviews:

Review by Alex B.
I had the privilege of seeing Eric from the 3rd row at HP Pavilion. It was the 3rd time seeing him live over the past 2 years and he delivered an outstanding performance. I don’t know if it is the room afforded by not having a second guitarist but I felt Eric’s animation, intensity, and soloing were slightly above the other occasions I had recently seen him.

As others have pointed out on this tour, particular highlights included Old Love, I Shot the Sheriff, and Badge. Personally, I also felt Before You Accuse Me was just a rollicking, kick you in the seat, rocking version. He has been mixing up the encore and San Jose was treated to Further On Up The Road – something that pleased me, as I had not seen him perform that number live before. It had a lot of the same loose but tight vibe as Before You Accuse Me.

It just amazes me how Eric is able to consistently deliver melodic and technically superb solos on the guitar these days and his singing rivals his guitar virtuosity in its authority, dynamism, and consistent delivery. I walked away thinking just how underappreciated Eric is – he has been delivering the goods at SUCH a high level for SO long, its easy to forget just how lucky we are to be able to see such a master in person.

The crowd was appreciative and excited throughout, even during the sit down version, where there appeared to be good awareness of the newer/ less blues/rock oriented material. I had such a thoroughly enjoyable experience I am doubling down and seeing him in Sacramento the following night!

Review by David Bundy
When I first saw Eric perform at the Lyceum Ballroom in the Strand London it was a benefit concert for Dr Benjamin Spock’s Children’s Charity and was the first gig of the Derek & the Dominos line up, I never imagined I would be at another Clapton show 40 years later in California! Eric’s playing last night was punchy and showed that age hasn’t slowed Sir Slowhand down a bit. The 2 hour set was a well balanced mix of old and recent material the only disappointment was the omission of the full length original "Layla". Eric’s band with old regulars Chris Stainton and Steve Gadd was tight and showcased every ones talents with some excellent solos and the 2 girls on backing vocals were outstanding. Great concert Eric – please keep touring.

Review by Thom F.
What a fine night out. Clapton split the set nicely between his blue Strat and his acoustic and arch-top ‘f’ hole guitars- between his rock and roll and the ballads and music of the twenties and thirties. He featured the sidemen in a fashion reminiscent of early and mid-twentieth century jazz. The vocalist got to excel in ‘I shot the Sheriff". Nice for them, nice for the audience. It was especially nice that Clapton did not stick to his sure hit million seller tunes, but mixed in music of different eras and styles. The two hours passed quickly and enjoyably.

Review by Dave Fay
This was my 5th EC show and ranked up there with my favorites. I think the 2009 Clapton-Winwood show beat it out overall, but this was a more stripped down and mellow band and set than the one with Stevie. As all the other reviews have said Eric’s musicianship and voice have not been better. At times his voice was a little harder to hear than others – especially when the whole band was swinging – but when the instruments quieted down his voice was strong, clear and outstanding, as was his playing. We’ve heard it before: he gets better with age. he set list was solid and the only slightly disappointing number was Layla. I found it a little too mellow and low key, but that’s just me. I also wished the show was longer – as usual, but it clocked in just shy of 2 hours which is fine. More would of course be better, but there’ll never be enough. All tolled it was a great show, I can’t wait for the next opportunity to see him again. After listening to him since the 60’s it’s an unbelievable pleasure to still see him out there.

Review by Sue Sloan
I was at the show in San Jose. I’ve been a fan for decades and have seen him perform many times over the years. Clapton was absolutely brilliant! Slowhand put on as good a show at age 65 as he has for decades. His guitar playing was simply mesmerizing. His band was fantastic and the mix of blues and his greatest hits was perfect. I was disturbed to see a local review call the show sleepy. Whoever wrote that is obviously a moron. The jamming that extended so many of the songs was beautiful, I could listen to it forever. Loved it!

Review by Mark Ferrara
Another stellar performance from Eric. Perhaps my 15th show since the first in ’87 and he never ceases to amaze. I thought the highlights were Old Love, Same Old Blues (nice job on the JJ Cale song), Little Queen of Spades and Cocaine. The sound seemed a little off ( sort of tinny) and Tim Carmon’s high notes were really loud. None of that matters when you’re seeing the man. It never ceases to amaze that he can play so perfectly with his eyes closed! A nice touch was the big screen close- ups of his finger work; it always looks as if he is hardly applying any pressure to the strings. Looking forward to Sacramento tonight! It will be interesting to see if the sound is any different.

Review by Kirsten Johnson
Eric Clapton’s concert in San Jose on 3/2 was phenomenal! He plays the guitar like no one else, talks through is his guitar to everyone in the audience, and knows how to capture the audience from the beginning to end. His band was fantastic as well. He is one of the greatest musicians and icons ever! I have seen him live since the 70s in many parts of the world, and he never ceases to amaze me with his outstanding performances!

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