Concert Details

28 May 10 - Eric Clapton


Venue: ISS Dome

City: Dusseldorf

Country: Germany

Band Lineup:

Eric Clapton – guitar, vocals
Steve Winwood – hammond organ, piano, guitar, vocals
Chris Stainton – keyboards
Willie Weeks – bass
Steve Gadd – drums
Michelle John – backing vocals
Sharon White – backing vocals



Set List:

01. Had To Cry Today
02. Low Down
03. After Midnight
04. Presence Of The Lord
05. The Shape I’m In
06. Glad
07. Well Alright
08. Tuff Luck
09. While You See A Chance
10. Key To The Highway
11. Midland Maniac
12. Crossroads
13. Georgia
14. Driftin’
15. How Long
16. Layla
17. Can’t Find My Way Home
18. Gimme Some Lovin’
19. Voodoo Chile
20. Cocaine
21. Dear Mr. Fantasy (encore)

Fan Reviews:


Review by Marco Cruz / Sao Paulo, Brazil
The concert in Dusseldorf was just astonishing! For me, although long time fan of both, it was the first time I saw them live. Anyway, notwithstanding the high quality of sound and confort of the ISS Dome, Eric and Steve proved to be in full shape this night. High points were Presence of the Lord, Georgia, Driftin’ and Layla. Eric just showed everything a guitar player must know about playing blues with an acoustic guitar. Steve’s performance on Georgia was remarkable. Speechless was also the sound of Eric’s pewter Strat on Voodoo Chile! The band was perfect as all EC bands are, but it seems to be more sensitive than the last ones – Willie Weeks, Steve Gadd and Chris Stainton were like connected. An unforgetable concert, an EC concert!

Review by Wolfgang Shueer
My second show of the Clapton-Winwood European Tour 2010 was nearly as good as the first one I attended in Antwerp. The audience in the packed arena was a bit reserved at first but after a few songs and some fine solos by EC and some great singing by the two protagonists people started clapping and cheering – sometimes in the wrong place. Nice to hear the old Spencer Davis hit Gimme Some Lovin’ again although it was not the highlight of the evening. I enjoyed the acoustic part very much which was again performed with the full band. Very tasteful solo of Eric Clapton during Georgia. Driftin’ was the best song of the acoustic section while Voodoo Chile was again THE SONG of the evening.

Compared to Antwerp, EC’s approach to the guitar wasn’t that aggressive which made the concert sound a bit more polished. Nevertheless we heard two plus hours of great music from extraordinary musicians. That can’t be said about the organization – the stuff at the merchandising booth did not accept credit cards and after the show we had to wait for more than an hour before we could leave the parking deck.

Tonight (29 May), Arnhem is on my schedule. I am sure we will see another great performance of two great musicians and their extraordinary band.



Review by Axel Heinz
The opening song, "Had To Cry Today“ was the first highlight with Eric and Steve both playing lead guitars. This song was the first song of the legendary Blind Faith album in 1969 and it fitted perfectly as the opening song of the concert.

"Low Down“ was the second song as expected. It is still being performed by Eric and Steve. As it is originally a J.J. Cale song, Eric and Steve kept it in their repertoire and keep on performing it.

"After Midnight“ from Eric’s first solo album in 1970 was the next song. It was a solid performance. Eric played a great solo, and the song was very much appreciated by the audience. This song led straight into "Presence Of The Lord“, another song from the Blind Faith album. Written by Eric, but originally sung by Steve, Eric and Steve shared the vocals on this song. Eric played the guitar solo with a wah-wah-pedal like he did on the original version of this song.

"The Shape I’m In“ was the next song to be performed. Written by Robbie Robertson and being a highlight of The Band, I was surprised to hear this song during that concert. I know that Eric has always been a huge fan of The Band, perhaps this is the reason why this song made its way to the set-list.

The Traffic instrumental number "Glad“ was the next song to be performed. This song has always been a masterpiece of Traffic, and it fitted perfectly into last night’s performance.

The old Buddy Holly classic "Well Alright“ came next. This song appeared on the Blind Faith album, too. The performance of this song seemed to be a reminiscence to Buddy Holly.

"Tuff Luck“ was the next song to be performed. Actually I do not know where this song comes from. It is a great blues number that showed Eric’s ability to play great blues guitar.

A number by Steve called "While You See A Chance“ came next. I do not know this song, but it fitted perfectly into the set-list.

"Key To The Highway“ was played very differently this time. This song is one of the songs that Eric performed throughout his entire career. The original version dates back to the Layla album on which it was played as a kind of jam-session together with legendary guitarist Duane Allman. As it has always been a slow blues tune, this time Eric played it faster than usual as a kind of blues shuffle.

Another unknown song for me called "Midland Maniac", sung by Steve came next. This song also fitted perfectly into the set list.

Then came a real classic, an all time favourite of Eric’s, that old Robert Johnson tune "Crossroads". Usually this one had been chosen by Eric as the encore. This time it was being performed in the middle of the set. Eric and Steve first played this song together in 1965 as Eric Clapton And The Powerhouse.

The classic Hoagy Carmichael / Ray Charles number "Georgia On My Mind" was the next real highlight of the evening. It showed Steve’s ability as a great singer and organ player. Eric and the band accompanied Steve in a very decent way as this song was Steve’s star performance. This number led to the acoustic set of the show which was longer as I expected it to be.

The acoustic set started with "Driftin’ Blues“ by Charles Brown, a song that Eric started to perform way back in 1974. "How Long Blues“,another classic blues tune by Leroy Carr, which has been performed by Eric earlier at least since 1994 when the From The Cradle album was released came next. "Layla“ was fantastic! Eric let Steve play the guitar solo. That was a real treasure. The last song of the acoustic set was one of my all time favourite songs called "Can’t Find My Way Home“, again from the legendary Blind Faith album. For me another absolute highlight of the show.

The band went on electric with an arousing version of that old Spencer Davis classic "Gimme Some Lovin’“. A real heavy number with heavy organ by Steve and heavy guitar by Eric.

And then came the absolute barn-burner: Jimi Hendrix’s "Voodoo Chile“. They did not play the more known "Slight Return“ version, but the original version. This song lasted nearly for 20 minutes and featured fantastic solos by Eric on guitar and Steve on organ. It could have gone on forever.

Another J.J. Cale song, "Cocaine" was the next song. This has always been a permanent piece of Eric’s set lists. This song ended with a brilliant piano solo by Chris Stainton.

After a short break the band came back to the stage for tha last song, Traffic’s "Dear Mr. Fantasy“ which has always been one of my all time favourite songs, too. Steve and Eric shared the lead guitar parts, so the concert ended as it had begun. What a night, what a great concert. The band fitted perfectly together. Unfortunately nobody was introduced to the audience.

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