Concert Details

25 May 2008 – Eric Clapton & His Band


Venue: Event Center - The Borgata

City: Atlantic City

State/Province: NJ

Country: United States

Band Lineup:

Eric Clapton – guitar, vocals
Doyle Bramhall II – guitar, backing vocals
Chris Stainton – keyboards
Pino Palladino – bass
Ian Thomas – drums
Michelle John – backing vocals
Sharon White – backing vocals


Robert Randolph & The Family Band

Show Notes:

With only 2400 seats, the Event Center at The Borgata was the smallest venue on Eric’s summer itinerary. The room’s acoustics were excellent as The Borgata is only a few years old. It was EC’s first solo concert in Atlantic City, New Jersey. His only previous appearance in the city was as a guest during the Rolling Stones’ Steel Wheels Tour in December 1989 at Convention Hall.

One new addition for this tour was the "Chris Cam" – whenever Chris Stainton takes one of his incredible keyboard solos, you can see what he’s playing close up on the "big screens".

Special Guest(s):

Robert Randolph – pedal steel *

Set List:

01. Motherless Children
02. Key To The Highway
03. Hoochie Coochie Man
04. Little Wing
05. Outside Woman Blue
06. Double Trouble
07. Don’t Knock My Love
08. Drifting
09. Rockin’ Chair
10. Motherless Child
11. Travelling Riverside Blues
12. Running On Faith
13. Tell The Truth
14. Little Queen of Spades
15. Before You Accuse Me
16. Wonderful Tonight
17. Layla
18. Cocaine
19. I’ve Got My Mojo Working (encore) *

Fan Reviews:

Review by Jim Hall / Delran, NJ
This was the ultimate EC experience being able to see him in such a small venue. His playing was brilliant from the moment he stepped on stage. He switched the show opener to Motherless Children which got the crowd very excited with the song’s great energy and Eric’s hot slide playing. I was lucky enough to be sitting in the fifth row and could tell that this show was different from the Holmdel, NJ concert on Thursday night which I also attended. Doyle Bramhall II’s playing was excellent all evening and there were many smiles and nods between him and Eric. They knew that they were on the top of their performance this evening. Chris Stainton played very nice solos when it was his turn for the spotlight and Ian Thomas and Pino Pallidino held down a solid rhythm all night. There were so many highlights it would take up a lot of written space to name them all, but here are a few. Eric played a blistering solo in Hoochie Coochie Man that really brought the song home. He did a solo acoustic version of Driftin’ while sitting down which sounded wonderful. He did two Robert Johnson songs – Traveling Riverside Blues – which was a fun blues romp and Little Queen of Spades was like going to blues church. There are not many opportunities to see Eric on this tour but I was blessed in attending both New Jersey shows. Catch him if you can.

Review by Tim Coyle / Brigantine, NJ
I just got home from the Eric Clapton show at the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey.Eric played 2 black strats and an acoustic 6 string and an acoustic 12 string.They were the only 4 guitars he used.There were no surprises to the show just some incredibly playing that only Eric can do.I still say he’s like a fine wine…he gets better with age. Here’s the setlist:

Approximately 8:00 pm to exactly 8:40 pm Robert Randolph and the Family Band

9:06 Motherless Children
Both Eric & Doyle on slide; Eric used a glass slide on a black strat while Doyle used a brown ceramic-looking slide into
9:12 Key To The Highway – Eric same gtr and slide then changes guitar and plays without the slide
? Hoochie Koochie Man  – solos:Chris / Doyle / Eric
9:23 Little Wing – solos: Doyle / Eric
9:29 Outside Woman Blues  – solos: Eric/ Doyle slide
9:35 Double Trouble  – solos: Eric / Doyle / Eric
9:42 Don’t Knock My Love  – Eric solo
9:48 Driftin’  – Eric acoustic solo – no band
9:53 Rocking Chair  – Eric same acoustic with band, solos: Eric & Chris-piano
9:57 Motherless Child – Eric 12 string guitar capo 4th fret / Doyle slide solo with capo on 4th fret
10:01 Traveling Riverside Blues  – Eric black strat 1st solo / Doyle slide and 2nd solo
10:05 Running On Faith – Eric on acoustic guitar probably the first one he used not the 12 string; solos: Eric / Chris organ solo / Doyle
10:11 Tell The Truth – Eric & Doyle sharing vocals; solos: Doyle slide / Eric / Doyle solos into
10:18 Little Queen Of Spades – solos:Chris-piano/ Doyle/ Eric
10:29 Before You Accuse Me – solos:Doyle / Chris piano / Eric
10:34 Wonderful Tonight – Eric both solos middle and outro
10:38 Layla  – solos Eric / Chris piano / Doyle slide into
? Cocaine  – solos: Eric / Doyle / Chris
ENCORE 10:53-10:55
10:55 Got My Mojo Workin’ – with Robert Randolph;solos: Eric / Robert / Eric then Eric and Robert dual & duel solos / Robert last solo
END 11:02

The playing was fantastic but I was disappointed in the setlist (which I knew prior to buying the ticket) as he did too many cover tunes. As far as Eric’s mostly or totally all blues shows I liked the "From The Cradle" tour setlist better.Pino Palladino did a great job on bass, but was under utilized.Overall I was amazed how great Eric and his band made those old blues tunes sound. I’m going to see him again at Jones Beach.

Ed Note: If you are heading to any EC concerts this summer, please check your tickets for start time. For the U.S. / Canada legs, the times have varied with shows beginning at 7PM, 7:30PM and 8PM.

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