Concert Details

5 April 2007 – Eric Clapton & His Band


Venue: Palace Of Auburn Hills

City: Detroit

State/Province: MI

Country: United States

Band Lineup:

Eric Clapton – guitar / vocals
Doyle Bramhall II – guitar / vocals
Chris Stainton – keyboards
Tim Carmon – keyboards
Willie Weeks – bass
Steve Jordan – drums
Michelle John – backing vocals
Sharon White – backing vocals


Robert Cray Band

Show Notes:

This was a rescheduled concert from 2006 which was cancelled due to Eric’s illness.

Special Guest(s):

Robert Cray – guitar / vocals *

Set List:

01. Tell The Truth
02. Key To The Highway
03. Got To Get Better In A Little While
04. Little Wing
05. Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad?
06. Driftin’
07. Outside Woman Blues
08. Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out
09. Running On Faith
10. Motherless Children
11. Little Queen Of Spades
12. Further On Up The Road
13. Wonderful Tonight
14. Layla
15. Cocaine (encore)
16. Crossroads (encore)*

Fan Reviews:

Review by Mark Bashore
A few very subjective thoughts about the EC gig tonight at the Palace of Auburn Hills. Overall outstanding and memorable….a long overdue first time with EC.He opened with the same 3 blistering rockers he opened with in Moline two nights before. The highlight of the entire show for me was the third of these three, Gotta Get Better In a Little While. Absolutely over the top rock soul/ blues. Devastating. Other personal highlights Motherless Children, Little Wing, Little Queen of Spades, Why Does Love and Crossroads, all mostly because I liked these songs the best, but the performances were rock solid all around, start to finish.

The evening could have been slightly less blues oriented, but it’s a very minor complaint. To see this masterful player solo so gracefully, so smoothly…..through so much great material….was unforgettable. There is nothing like watching a great musician in such command of his instrument. Devastating.

A couple of nickel and dime observations. You get spoiled after 90 minutes of playing by EC. As much as I respect Robert Cray, watching him solo in Crossroads in the encore is anti-climactic. Cray can join in, but let Eric have the guitar solo. All the hits at the end was not my cup of tea.

Review by Art
Saw the show last night and wow…I have been reading the reviews pretty closely for the past 4 weeks or so and I was initially disappointed that Derek would not be making the last leg of the tour. I was hoping that the pattern of the set would remain the way it has been for the last half of the shows and I was not disappointed. The set was exactly the same as the previous several had been. I have been seeing EC since June 1974 at Nassau Coliseum in LI. How many times since then is not really important. I have never been disappointed. The first five songs last night were worth the price of admission alone…In fact after Little Wing, I needed to see nothing else…The rest was a gift! I have no idea whether EC has improved over the years or not. It really makes no difference. He is one of a few gifted people who can take you someplace no one else can, when he chooses to play guitar. That is why I go to see him. I can tell you that technology has improved the way we hear what he does when he is on stage. That may make him sound better if you will. Last night he looked as if he was truly enjoying what he was up to. At times he simply swayed as he did things no one else could even imagine doing. The intro to Little Wing was magnificent and for a few seconds nothing else mattered. It is one of my favorites and on certain albums very
worn out! Thanks for the chance to comment!

Review by Dan Perkowski
32 years since my first EC show and it has taken that long to get front row and center. I told my 16 yr old this would be a life time experience and EC did not disappoint. Being able to experience the Derek and the Dominoes influence in 2007- its like a time machine. First it was the John Mayall birthday concert, then the Cream Reunion, this tour, a Blind Faith concert this summer! How many artists can reach into their catalog and make the music sound so fresh? Tell the Truth, Key to the Highway, GTGBIALW, Little Wing, come on! Absolutely phenomenal! A crackling opening to Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad that was fabulous. The ending was just as brilliant. Truly sensational acoustic set. We could have listened to more acoustic however lets be honest… We are there for the Stratocaster experience. The leads in Little Queen of Spades was scintillating. When Eric goes into the zone, he creates an emotion like no other. It truly does take your breath away, very special. Layla was excellent and Cocaine- that was out of this world. Don’t want to forget Robert Cray- always solid.

EC (The birthday boy of a few days ago- 62!) seemed to enjoy himself. How does he get the energy after a solid year of world travel and 100 plus shows. It may be a while before we see him tour again. He has stated a break is coming- he truly deserves it. Since the 2004 tour, it has been non stop. I have been fortunate to see him 7 times since then, including 3 Cream shows. If this was the last show for a few years, this Detroit show will have to bridge that gap. Outstanding performance from a true legend. What’s next Eric? We’ll be there.

Review by Ryan Smith
This is the fourth time I’ve gotten to see Eric and it has gotten better each time. Nothing fancy, just good music and spectacular guitar playing. Robert Cray was a wonderful surprise; great songs and playing. The first part of the set when Eric came on was like seeing the Dominoes in 1970 Live at the Fillmore (anyone who has actually listened and knows EC’s discography would know what I mean). I was thrilled. Key to the Highway had a different bassline and beat but it was cool. The sit down set was crisp and it was awesome to hear the Cream song Outside Woman Blues in acoustic (hearing it plugged in would’ve been sweet too though). Motherless Children absolutely rocked and any fan who knows their EC music would’ve definately appreciated the show’s setlist up to this point in the concert. Eric’s solo on Little Queen of Spades was absolutely on fire! I couldn’t believe the power of those notes in that song! Layla sounded great; nice tone on the guitars. Kudos to both of the keyboard players, they helped make the show great also. Cocaine sounded more like the original cut than in the past when it seemed somewhat more pop sounding. Crossroads for the encore with Robert Cray was definately up to par; just unbelievable guitar work. The show was for sure a wish list for any fan who knows the music, the man, and the history.

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