Concert Details

11 February 2007 – Eric Clapton & His Band


Venue: Members Equity Stadium

City: Perth

Country: Australia

Band Lineup:

Eric Clapton – guitar / vocals
Doyle Bramhall II – guitar / vocals
Derek Trucks – guitar
Chris Stainton – keyboards
Tim Carmon – keyboards
Willie Weeks – bass
Steve Jordan – drums
Michelle John – backing vocals
Sharon White – backing vocals


Mia Dyson

Show Notes:


Special Guest(s):


Set List:

01. Tell The Truth
02. Key To The Highway
03. Got To Get Better In A Little While
04. Little Wing
05. Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad??
06. Driftin’
07. Outside Woman Blues
08. Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out
09. Running On Faith
10. Motherless Children
11. Little Queen Of Spades
12. Further On Up The Road
13. Wonderful Tonight
14. Layla
15. Cocaine (encore)
16. Crossroads (encore)

Fan Reviews:

Review by Mark Scott
That was INCREDIBLE!!! I can’t even begin to explain how impossibly good that concert was! And it wasn’t just Clapton himself that made the concert brilliant, but his wonderful backing band. Eric could have surrounded himself with a weak backing band and dominated the spotlight for two hours, but instead he gives himself an incredibly talented group of musicians and gives all of them there own time to shine, and the concert was so much better because of it. I’ll admit at first, I was a bit worried. When he came out, it was still quite light and there were still a lot of people finding there seats, meaning that there was a slight lack of atmosphere during ‘Tell the Truth’. Whatsmore, Clapton himself hardly soloed at all in this song, and the crowd wasn’t really behind Derek and Doyle yet. The same applied for ‘Key to the Highway’. Yet by the time it got to ‘Got to Get Better in A Little While’, and it was dark and everyone was seated, something just clicked into place. Suddenly, the entire crowd was on the band’s side. Special points have to go to Willie Weeks for his bass solo in ‘Got to Get Better…’, it was awesome. The song quickly progressed into a jam, with Eric, Derek and Doyle all showing off there considerable skill. ‘Little Wing’ was next, another song which simply had the crowd rivetted, followed by ‘Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad?’.

The ‘Sit Down’ set began with Eric doing ‘Driftin’ Blues’ by himself, which the crowd appeared to absolutely love. The band returned for ‘Outside Woman Blues’, then continued with ‘Nobody Knows When You Down and Out’. The ‘Sit Down’ set finished with ‘Running On Faith’, a stunning number which truly had the crowd wanting more.

Then the fun really began. The band tore into ‘Motherless Children’, which involved lengthy solos from Mr. Clapton himself, something that no one can complain about. ‘Little Queen of Spades’ was more or less a chance for the whole band the show-off, with solo passages from everyone (including a small exert from ‘Waltzing Matilda’ by one of the keyboardists). ‘Further Up on the Road’ got everyone going, but it was the next two numbers that were really the highlight of the night. The beautiful ‘Wonderful Tonight’ had part of the crowd singing along, and by the time it drew to the end, everyone knew what was coming. Just as someone in the audience in front of me yelled ‘Let it rip!’, the band tore into ‘Layla’, and the crowd went off. Complete with stunning slide work from Derek Trucks, it truly was the highlight on the concert. The band finished the song and walked of to cries of ‘More!’ from the audience, before returning a few minutes later for a quickened rendition of ‘Cocaine’ with extended solos from every member of the band, and an incredible version of ‘Crossroads’, both of which finally got the entire audience of their feet.

All in all, it was a spectacular concert that I am very glad I got the chance to see. A huge thanks to Mr. Clapton and the whole of his band for a night I’ll never forget.

Review by Bernice Moreton
Its been a long time since I saw Eric and his band, infact 1988 to be exact.(NEC Birmingham England) So, with my concert t-shirt on of the same year, I was very excited to seeing him again this time in Perth. We – my hubby and I were early for the concert, so was everyone else it seemed. I’ve never seen so my 50+ folks in one place. How fabulous that we can all get together to enjoy what could only be described as a wonderful entertaining performance.

The support band was truly amazing, Mia Dyson to us was more Sheryl Crow than Bonnie Rait, but never the else very good. They kept us entertained under the setting sun on what was to be a perfect evening.

Eric was late coming on stage (possibly waiting for the crowd to settle after queuing for ages to get a beer, due to the heat) But patient we were and truly not disappointed. His guitarists – Derek and Doyle were just amazing. Eric himself was just as good as ever as the music came across the stadium. Two hours flew by, and before we knew it was over. The crowd wouldn’t let him walk away that easy. The band came back for an on core and try as they did the security staff could not keep us seated as the crowd wanted to get up and dance and watch the master a little closer than on the big screens. The old favorites of Cocaine and Crossroads had us all up. A truly fantastic night, one we shall remember and hopefully not have to wait for such a long time again.

Review by Annie Knight – Perth, Western Australia
AWESOME, emotive, passionate, inspirational, stylish, spine-tingling talent, and so very much more! Time stood still for me last night as I was carried back and forth within EC’s music. What a truly AMAZING concert EC and his band gave Perth. I felt privileged to be a small part of EC’s life last night ~ from the moment he walked on stage with his exceptionally talented band. EC proved, yet again, why he is THE MOST talented guitarist, singer, songwriter, arranger….the list goes on. What a magical and thrilling concert ~ filled with EC’s mind-blowing playing and his amazing voice, which, in my opinion, just keeps on getting better. EC speaks through his music, and he certainly had a lot to say last night! His laid-back style combined with his soaring, feeling solos, his magnificent acoustic Blues ~ so much feeling, so much emotionally powerful singing and playing. Watching and listening to "The Master Bluesman", EC sent shivers down my spine! Truly outstanding performances.

And what a giving band leader he is; the talents of Doyle Bramhill 11 and Derek Trucks prove how humble EC is. He gave them their time to shine in so many ways; two young musicians whose talents are enormous. The concert was everything and more than I could have ever hoped for! Chris Stainton shone throughout, Steve Jordan on drums was brilliant, Willie Weeks on Bass was a thrill to see, and Tim Carmon really showed how it’s done! Yes EC is a most giving leader, but it was EC who shone so brightly last night ~ brighter than the brightest star in the sky. What a fantastic concert he gave! This is the man who has been through the toughest times, yet, there he was, centre stage, laid back, happy, enjoying his music, and giving so much joy to so many people, through his music. WOW! This concert was truly "the concert of my life" ~ each time I recall it I smile ~ what a beautiful thing to give, what a beautiful thing to feel ~ all through EC’s music is the "feeling", I believe that is what makes him the foremost musician today ~ his ability to speak through his music. EC thanked us Western Australians for coming to see him ~ I say THANK YOU EC for making the long journey across to Western Australia, thank you for your music, thank you for bringing the Blues back!

Yes, EC speaks through his music ~ what a life he’s lead, what an inspirational and motivational man and musician. A true Humanitarian, a humble man, giving so much to so many with his extraordinary talents! A BRILLIANT concert ~ AWE INSPIRING! A concert to remember, and yes, I hope we will again have the privilege of seeing EC again, further on down the road. Thanks EC ~ a true gentleman who plays the most beautiful music I’ve heard in my lifetime. Still smiling!

Review by Greg Brennan
Eric and his band have not played in Perth since November ’84 so it’s been a long time for us on the West coast of Australia. We are a million miles from anywhere so that’s fair enough. The show was great, especially for the more keen fan as the setlist was full of Derek and the Dominoes classics and Blues standards.The Dominoes songs were funked up quite a bit, thanks to Steve And Willie, and it seemed to inject a new bit of life into each number. As you would expect the crowd was very thankfull for the "radio songs". Wonderful Tonight and Layla got the biggest ovations, but to me the highlights were Little Wing and Motherless Children. There was also a good version of Running on Faith during the setdown set, which seemed to flow better than the original version. All the electric songs were on the Strat, no Gibson tonight for Mr Clapton.

It was an outdoor show at a soccer stadium so the seats faced the pitch instead of the stage, except for the "Social Set" who paid AUD 300 a ticket to sip wine, while some guy and his mates played music for them as the sun set. All the people with Hendrix, Led Zepplin, Cream and Clapton tee shirts were stuck down the back.Maybe it would have been better as a general admission show. First in best dressed.
All in all a good show and I would reccomend it to anybody out there who gets a chance to go.

Review by Peter Dawson (Perth)
wowwww, last night was awesome!! What a great concert, Eric rocked all night and played songs that i thought i could only dream of seeing live. As soon as i saw the ad in the newspaper i talked mum in to getting me platinum tickets! haha, nothing beats 5 rows from the stage, excpept maybe having a jam with the man himself. I was very happy with the program and complementary tour print i got and i’m only 16 and i knew every song you played last night Eric soo don’t worry about the younger crowd not knowing your earlier stuff.

The show started off with about half of the Derek and the Dominoes, Layla and other Assorted love songs album with Tell the Truth, Key to the Highway, Got to get Better In a Little While from the crossroads album, Hendrix’s little wing and Why does Love Got to Be So Sad. I had heard that Derek Trucks was a good guitarist but ohh myy god, that guy can play, and it makes sense that Eric would pick him to play Duanne Allman’s slide parts with such a large chunk of the setlist being dominoes stuff, he did play with the Allman Brothers Band recently.
The sit down set was incredible! Drifitn’ Blues was just amazing with Eric playing one on one with the crowd, everybody clapping to the beat… just great. But!! it gets better, then the old cream standard outside woman blues, done with Eric on his martin, Derek Trucks on a resonator and Doyle on a 12 string….. that version was soo cool that i’m gonna play it with my band… the main riff played with a slide on the resonator…ohhh so good. Nobody knows you When you’re down and out and running on faith was like being at the Unplugged concert, incredible.

It was great to see Eric get out the slide for motherless children… one of my favourite songs not just from 461 ocean blv but of all time, and steve jordan layed down some awesome impromptu beat which lead into the motherless children intro. Speaking of Steve Jordan, the little breakdowns with Willie Weeks on bass were the coolest thing i’ve ever heard, ofcourse i did expect some great drumming from the guy who plays with john mayer on TRY! and contiuum. Little Queen of Spades was just like being in the Songs for Robert Johnson DVD, the song serving as an outlet for some great long blues soloing from all guitarists. And Further On Up The Road reminded me of the Last Waltz with Eric soloing off with Robbie Robertson from the band! Then ofcourse Wonderful Tonight and Layla were played with the passion that you come to expect from such a great player and songwriter.

The Encore blew my mind away, everybody rushed to the front and the whole stadium was standing up for Cocaine and a slightly different version of Crossroads. I had to keep pinching myself knwong that i was only a few meters away from the guy that played with George Harrison on While my Guitar Gently Weeps and wrote the songs that i listen to everyday.. it was prety cool i must say. thanks for such a great night Eric

Review by Stephen Carter
It’s hard to write a review of this show without simply echoing the superlatives in the other reviews that have appeared. Take them all as read. Eric and his band come on stage without fanfare, and after blasting the audience for a shade under 2 hours, take a bow (or three) and leave just as quietly. In that 2 hours they deliver a total blinder of a show.

I’ve read some reviews, and heard comments about how he does not play (m)any of his "hits". That comment is beyond my ability to understand. Any show that includes "Layla", "Crossroads", "Cocaine", "Wonderful Tonight", "Little Wing", "Key To The Highway" ought to meet the needs of any fan.

I’ve also read reviews that seem to imply that Eric is getting on a bit, an allows Doyle Bramall II (called "Cramall" in today’s ‘West Australian’ newspaper!), and Derek Trucks to take the lead, and he just goes along for the ride. How wrong can that be! Eric is there in blistering form, and in my mind gets the right balance between allowing the other two to shine on the one hand, and truly leading the band on the other. He’s the boss, and no way are they "carrying" him.

One of my companions had been a professional guitarist at one stage in his life and was giggling with joyous amazement when Eric and Derek did a duet on slide guitar. Never seen or heard anything like it! My personal highlight was the "sit down" version of "Driftin’ Blues".
A show like that would not work so well if the sound wasn’t so beautifully balanced and produced. The work of the crew on the mixing desk has to be hugely appreciated. Also the crew doing the video feed onto the screens at the front were doing a great job – showing all of the action in great close up and not wasting shots on the wrong images at the wrong time.

I’ve only got a one criticism of the band. At the start Doyle Bramall II seemed to have trouble with his singing – here’s a hint – drop the chewing gum, and maybe you’ll be able to use your mouth a bit better.

The stadium was a bit of a shambles. I don’t know how long they have been hosting events, but the food (and importantly drink – it was a very hot day) concessions were hopeless, and we only found one public tap for drinking water. Also, they simply didn’t have their act together to properly sort out the placing of disabled fans in their chairs along with their companions. That was very bad indeed.

Review by Phil, Perth, Western Australia
Totally mind blowing to be in the the presence of greatness, to see Eric Clapton live only 10 meters in front of me an exsperience i will never foget.Doyle Bramhall II and Derek Trucks were also fantastic to watch with there solo’s and slide guitar in fact the whole band were so tight, great to watch and listen too.A night truely to remember. Thanks to Eric and his band.

Review by Cameron Kippen
Eric and band ended the Australian leg of their world tour in grand style, in Perth WA. A joy to behold and a terrific support band. So young too! EC seemed well impressed with his fellow musicians and the back up singers were pure dead brilliant. The old maestro was completely at ease with his new funkier material and excelled on the old standards. Layla (long version) was the business and Cocaine, to die for. The Perth crowd are reserved anyway, and slow to enjoy themself, but on this occassion did rise embrace God, (and for good reason). The banter at the exit styles was overwhelmingly , "What a concert."

Review by Trevor Kempin – Perth, Western Australia
I gotta tell you both that if I never see EC and the band again that I can go to my grave saying that I have seen what I believe to be the ultimate concert. Without any shadow of a doubt that was the very best EC concert that I have ever seen. The whole band looked and played like they were enjoying the evening. At times I just stood there with my mouth hanging open in disbelief on what I was hearing. Derek’s playing was unbelievable. Shit…that boy can play. Doyle played with more passion and fire than I have ever seen him play before. Chris Stainton even managed to include a few bars of Waltzing Matilda in Motherless Children ( I think). EC was awesome. I just cannot describe how"into it" he was. The acoustics were absolutely fine. I was worried that being an outside show that the sound would have been poor….I need not have worried. I sincerely hope that someone managed to tape that show. Thank you Eric and the gang for an incredible evening. Have a safe trip home.

Review by Julian Douglas-Smith
I love Eric Clapton because I love George Harrison. It was on the strength of Eric’s performance in the Concert for George that I decided to buy a ticket to his Perth show. My faith in Eric was returned a thousand fold! It was one of the best concerts I’ve seen in Perth in the last 10 years. Having recently returned from Sydney to see Lou Reed, I thought Steve Hunter was the king of the Gibson SG… but then I saw Derek Trucks awesome slide work… he was the personification of Duane Allman! I was also amazed to see the left-handed Doyle Bramhall II playing an upside-down, right-handed Strat with the strings still wound for a right-hander, yet he managed a sound I haven’t heard since I saw Jeff Beck live in the 1970’s! Chris Stainton teased the crowd with a few bars of Waltzing Matilda during Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out, and Willie Weeks was every bit as smooth and soulful as you’d expect him to be. Steve Jordan rocked out with just one tom-tom, and Tim Carmon was very sophisticated, but the surprise package was EC himself… always in control, the master never let his incredibly talented apprentices overshadow him. All it took was just once flick of the wrist to remind us that Eric Clapton is still the world’s greatest living rock guitarist! Thank you Eric for a great concert, and thank you for giving me the inspiration to give up drinking… God bless you.

Review by Mal Law, Perth, WA.
What an awesome performance from Eric and the band. Particularly enjoyed the free-flowing "Liittle Queen of Spades" and Eric’s "Derek and the Dominoes" playlist. Had to wait since 1984 to see my guitar-hero and must concur that it was the best performance I have seen. Enjoying the experience with 22,000 other fans was somewhat different to being in the same small room at Newcastle’s Club A Go-Go in the UK back in ’65 (with John Mayall) and a slightly larger (say 100) audience in a small club in South Shields to see Cream in ’66. Derek Trucks was superb and the rhythm section was professionally tight. Sound quality was first-class (take a bow, sound engineers) and Eric was even ‘chatty’ and the three bows the line-up took at the end was a subtle acknowledgement to some of the reviews of the earlier concerts in Oz. Eric, please come back again and don’t leave it for another 23 years as I may not be around!!

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