Concert Details

6 June 2006 – Eric Clapton & His Band


Venue: Leipzig Arena

City: Leipzig

Country: Germany

Band Lineup:

Eric Clapton – guitar / vocals
Doyle Bramhall II – guitar / vocals
Derek Trucks – guitar
Chris Stainton – keyboards
Tim Carmon – keyboards
Willie Weeks – bass
Steve Jordan – drums
Michelle John – backing vocals
Sharon White – backing vocals
The Kick Horns (Simon Clarke – baritone saxophone, Roddy Lorimer – trumpet, Tim Sanders – tenor saxophone)


Robert Cray Band

Show Notes:


Special Guest(s):

Robert Cray – guitar / vocals*

Set List:

01. Pretending
02. So Tired
03. Got To Get Better In A Little While
04. Old Love*
05. Everybody Oughta Make A Change
06. Motherless Children
07. Back Home
08. I Am Yours
09. Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out
10. Running On Faith
11. After Midnight
12. Little Queen Of Spades
13. Let It Rain
14. Wonderful Tonight
15. Layla
16. Cocaine
17. Crossroads (encore)*

Fan Reviews:

Review by Christian Grube / Germany
The Concert of Eric Clapton at the Messehalle 1 in Leipzig was very emotional and very good. When Eric came on stage you could see that he was very sad about the death of Billy Preston. He played the set for Billy. At the beginning of "Back Home" he said "This one is for Billy", not "Billy, we’ll never forget you". As he played "Back Home" we could see some tears in Eric’s eyes.Much people in the first row too.

They played very good versions of "Got to get better in a Little While" , "little queen of spades" or "Motherless Children". The band played an outstanding version of Layla. It was great to see that they had so much fun.

Review by Tomek Skireck / Poland
On 6th July my dad and I, after driving almost 800 km, went to see Eric live in Leipzig for the first time ever. The venue was really nice and we managed to get close to the stage. At 8 p.m. Robert Cray entered the stage and played for about 40 min. His performance was great. Although his tracklist was short it was really good as Robert made a brilliant job to warn up the audience.
The evening, however, belonged to Eric. When he hit the stage my knees bended and I had shivers going down my spine. Starting with amazing version of ‘Pretending’ he rocked the stage belting out hit by hit. The first solos were performed by Derek and Doyle. Robert Cray joined Eric during ‘Old Love’ and they both made breathtaking version of this gem which became the highlight of the whole gig. After ‘Everybody Oughta Make A Change’ they played the outstanding ‘Motherless Children’ with some great slide playing.

Then the unplugged part began with ‘Back Home’ dedicated to the wonderful Billy Preston. It was continued by a nice version of ‘I Am Yours’ with Steve Jordan playing on a box. When ‘Nobody Knows You….’ started, almost everybody clapped its hands to the rhythm – the overall perception of the song was simply stunning as the atmosphere got really bluesy. When ‘Running on Faith’ ended, Eric took his Fender and rocked the house with ‘After Midnight’. When it comes to this song, I am simply speechless – it just blew me out and man, I do mean it. It was furious.

Another highlight was Robert Johnson penned ‘Little Queen of Spades’ with blistering solos given by Eric, as well as, the young fellows. ‘Layla’ and ‘Cocaine’ finished the set list. When the first riff of ‘Layla’ was played people went nuts. Although it`s Eric`s biggest song ever I was a bit disappointed because of the solos by Derek. I prefer the way Eric played the song earlier. ‘Cocaine’ was great with all the solos, also from Tim Carmon. For the encore performance of ‘Crossroads’ Robert Cray re-joined the band. While jamming this song everybody was extremely excited either the bad and the audience. What a way to end the marvelous night of music!

The concert lasted almost for 2 hours and included a great variety of different genres of songs that Clapton delved for past years. The only thing that was not perfect was that we could hardly hear the Kick Horns and the girls during most songs. Aside from that, everything was perfect. The band seemed to really enjoy playing together those wonderful tracks. Although Eric is leader and he did a great job, he let his young buddies play many great solos too.

All in all those few hours were the most thrilling in my life. You cannot compare the experience of the Slowhand live to anything else. If you ever in your life get a chance to see Eric Clapton live – do it! I do hope that they will release a DVD form this tour. Thank you for providing such incredible and unforgettable emotions Eric.

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