Concert Details

13 August 2006 – Eric Clapton with Jimmie Vaughan


Venue: Cooper Stadium

City: Columbus

State/Province: OH

Country: United States

Band Lineup:

Jimmie Vaughan – guitar / vocals 
Lou Ann Barton
Remaining Lineup of band unknown 

Show Notes:

Jimmie Vaughan was the last of three support acts for Bob Dylan at Cooper Stadium.

Special Guest(s):

Eric Clapton – guitar / vocals

Set List:

Eric joined Jimmie on stage for three numbers:

01. Reconsider Baby
02. Boom-Bapa-Boom
03. Jam

Jimmie’s complete set list is unknown.

Fan Reviews:

Review by Mark Mirek

My wife and I were at Cooper Stadium in Columbus, Ohio, last night to catch Dylan. It was a beautiful summer evening. Music started at 6:30 with three fine opening acts. The third band was Jimmie Vaughan with Lou Ann Barton. They were laying down some great blues, and the crowd was pretty much quietly grooving with them while anticipating Bob’s appearance.

Two thirds of the way through Vaughan’s set he says, “We have a surprise for you tonight. Here’s my good friend, Eric Clapton!” It was like a lightning bolt struck the crowd. Everyone was instantly on their feet wondering if this was a joke. Then Eric ambles unto the stage with his guitar. I am still too dazed to remember if he did three or four songs. I’m old (56) and have been at many great shows, but this stands at the pinnacle.

Review by Larry Trupo
Just a line to let you know that i was at bob dylans concert last night in columbus ohio, and jimmy vaughan was opening up for bob and all of a sudden jimmy announced that a totally unexpected guest was coming on stage to play along and out walks eric. total shock. it was great. he played and sang one song and then sat in with jimmy for two or three more. the crowd went crazy and that was about the coolest thing that i’ve ever had happen to me a a concert.

Here’s a clip from The Columbus Dispatch:
The concert opened with short sets by Elana James and the Continental Two, Junior Brown and Jimmie Vaughan, each in its way, echoing the sound of American traditional music that has inspired Dylan from the start.

Brown dazzled with the range of his guitar skills, which with his double-necked axe went from honky-tonk to Bakersfield country, British blues to bebop jazz with a six inch reach. Vaughan was impressive enough but brought down the house when he introduced Eric Clapton and then produced the British blues legend — presumably in town to visit in-laws — for a couple of tunes.


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