Concert Details

10 October 2006 – Eric Clapton & His Band


Venue: Verizon Center

City: Washington

State/Province: DC

Country: United States

Band Lineup:

Eric Clapton – guitar / vocals
Doyle Bramhall II – guitar / vocals
Derek Trucks – guitar
Chris Stainton – keyboards
Tim Carmon – keyboards
Willie Weeks – bass
Steve Jordan – drums
Michelle John – backing vocals
Sharon White – backing vocals


Robert Cray Band

Show Notes:


Special Guest(s):

Robert Cray – guitar / vocals*

Set List:

01. Pretending
02. I Shot The Sheriff
03. Got To Get Better In A Little While
04. Old Love*
05. Anyday
06. Motherless Children
07. Back Home
08. I Am Yours
09. Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out
10. Running On Faith
11. After Midnight
12. Little Queen Of Spades
13. Further On Up The Road
14. Wonderful Tonight
15. Layla
16. Cocaine
17. Crossroads (encore)*

Fan Reviews:

Review by Andrew
I attended the show last night and having seen Eric last perform live in 1988/89 in Africa (Gaborone, Botswana) I was so happy to see him again. Without a doubt, he is still as fiery as he has ever been. I Shot The Sheriff and Old Love (with Robert Cray) were amazing. I was aware of Derek Trucks guitar virtuosity before the concert, but Doyle Bramhall II is a monster guitar player. Many more happy years to Eric.

Review by Tracy Beer / Annapolis, MD

I attended the October 10 Show in Washington D.C. I’m a major fan having attended all EC concerts near DC for decades, I made it to the amazing Crossroads Guitar Festival and I even got one of the Cream Shows in New York, but I wasn’t thrilled with the DC Show. I think I get where EC is as a player and a legendary artist whose record of achievement is really unparalleled. As a result, I see EC giving back a ton these days. Eric was very generous not only with solo duties, but in the set-up of the band itself. It really seems that the new generation of players are the important thing to him and he played the role of "Senior Musical Statesman" very well. So diluted was his role, that I would say he was around 60% of the show. Generosity is most genuine indication of greatness. (although Robert Cray came in second to Eric in killer leads above Derek and Doyle)

The actual results were not so great. The idea of having someone as outstanding as Derek Trucks in the band to cover the Duane Allman parts is a thrilling concept, but the execution was disappointing. Derek’s tone was sharp, brittle, overly trebly. It lacked any richness and his tendency to leave notes too soon and play too fast compromised the emotional opportunities. I can understand how he may be reluctant to be a "Duane Clone" which he is not, but this was a situation wherein a far closer rendition of the classic Duane licks AND tone would have been welcome.
Doyle is a mystery to me. At times he conjures up a truly scary tone, but his role is superfluous in the extreme. I felt his presence was more a monument to Eric’s affection and loyalty than to any musical necessity. At times, even Doyle seemed unsure of what role he had to play.

I am a player and I have sought out equipment "the great" one uses, but I must say the Tone Tubby speakers which I have used are really hurting Eric’s performance. Yes, they offered amazingly thick and full midrange tone which came as a welcome relief, but he seems to really have to work at it to bring forth the extraordinary flash Eric is known for. Tone Tubby’s are making Eric an actual "Slowhand". Given the speaker’s reluctance to permits fast runs, Eric tended to play long slower, but amazingly well thought out lines which carried great impact.

However, the really scary, "bolt of lighting in the top of your head" runs are just a real effort to bring forth, although Eric did do so a number of times.

I am even wondering if these speakers might not be putting undue strain on Eric’s hands? Since I’m on the equipment topic, I think its past time to move on from the Twins. Eric has proved his musical point with those amps, I think it’s time for the old Soldanos to come back!!

Since I’m in full whine; same set-list every night? When Eric is doing the super coordinated and carefully timed shows like Journeyman, Pilgrim sure same set-list makes sense. But the show I saw in DC was informal and loose. The players are the best of the best. Eric could throw any song at those guys with no warning and have absolutely no stumbles and a hugely enhanced chance of magical musical moments and happy accidents. I think an unchanging set-list is silly given the nature of the current lineup.

I was so happy and thrilled to have heard some of those Dominoes chestnuts! Fantastic material that could be released today and be hits. What a delight to hear those great songs. As Oliver said, "Please sir, may have some more?"
Steve Jordan was a delight and a real motor, Willie Weeks has now become my favorite bass player of all time. Chris Stainton is a God, but home town boy was hurting a lot of eardrums with his unfortunate use of that funny little keyboard which used for solos – ouch!

Do not miss these shows!

Review by Stephen H. Houk / Annandale VA
Any night in the same building with Eric Clapton is night to remember. There simply aren’t many legendary and vital rock icons like him around anymore, and playing so well. This was the second Clapton show I had seen in the last two years, but it was my wife’s first, and being a huge blues and rock & roll fan, she was primed for a truly blow-away night. I must admit I was a bit disappointed in the opener Pretending, being that he opened with Let It Rain at the same venue a year ago (Editors note: 2004 World Tour, there was no US Tour in 2005), which blew my mind as an opener. But overall, as usual, EC himself was in tiptop form, with his soaring solos causing mouths to stand agape, and eliciting spontaneous cheers and applause after every one. He is still incredible to see play, even into his 60’s. Possibly my favorite moment was his searing rendition of the blues standard Motherless Children, which I don’t remember hearing last time around. ‘461 Ocean Boulevard’ was my first foray into Eric’s music about 30 years ago, and this was my favorite cut on that record, so it was a huge treat to hear this live. Running On Faith is always such a moving song, and Eric and exceptional guest guitarist Derek Trucks dueted beautifully on it during the sit down segment of the show. And as for Derek Trucks, he not only brought the feeling of Duane alive with his impeccable slide playing, but his staggeringly virtuostic talents on the guitar in general elevated even a Clapton show to higher heights. Overall, I think the show last year was better from a song selection perspective, and my wife wasn’t as absolutely blown away as she or I had hoped, but we both agreed that to just be in the building with him, and then to have Eric, Derek, Doyle Bramhall II and Robert Cray on the same stage at once doing Crossroads together as a blistering encore, well, that’s hard to beat. Overall, Mr. Clapton did not disappoint, it was another magical evening with the guitarist we all call ‘God.’

Review by Danny Costello
I’ve been at nearly every Clapton show in the D.C. area since 1974. While admittedly I’m totally in the tank for Eric and enjoy everything he does emensely, last night’s show had a special sparkle. Playing with the young guns Bramhall II and Trucks seems to energize Eric. More than once he grinned knowingly in response to the riffs offered by the other two guitarists. As always, he was generous with sharing the stage, oftentimes stepping out of the spotlight in deference to the others. Favorite moments: Motherless Children, Running on Faith, Anyday — a real treat — and the Crossroads encore with Robert Cray, Bramhall, Trucks and Slowhand taking turns showing up the devil. If there was a negative, it was that the show seemed rushed. Not that it was short, but Eric seemed to want to get in a lot of material and the second half of the act didn’t seem to breathe as well as before the acoustic set. Given the breadth of the material played, I have the distinct feeling that we will be seeing this tour coming out soon as a live cd…Looking forward to it.

Review by Blake Smith / Silver Spring, Maryland
I went to the show last night at the Verizon center. There really are no good words to describe how good it was. I am a long time Clapton fan and you know how expectation can be. I can honestly say they were lost in the rear view mirror. Eric Clapton is one of the all time greatest guitar players. Last night he was on stage with three people who might be better. There was no ego getting in his way. He let all shine. This was one of the greatest concerts I have been to. I was at the real" Woodstock. If he had only played Sunshine Of Your Love it would have made it to number one.

Review by Jay Young
My 18 year old son and I had the privilege of attending the concert on Tuesday, October 10th, in Washington, D.C. What an incredible night of music! We were in the fourth row just to the left of the stage. The sound, the play list and everything about the evening could not have been better! I have been a fan for many years and have an exhaustive collection of music and DVDs but this was my first time to see Eric Clapton live! What a performance and what a performer! Two solid hours of great music! Keep rockin’!

Review by Brian and Linda McInnes
My wife and I went to the concert in Washington Dc on Oct 10. We have always wanted to see an Eric Clapton Concert and in general we enjoyed the concert. However A couple of things spoilt it. One was the cramped seating but worst of all either the acoustics of the Verizon center are poor or the sound system was not up to par. I spoke to another fan, who has seen Eric perform at the Verizon center on a previous occasion He was of the opinion the sound system was at fault. May I make the suggestion when Eric plays in the DC area again he should consider the Nissan Arena.

Review by Donald and Bird Mattingley
This was my fifth EC concert. Every show has been great, but without a doubt this is the best lineup of guitar players EC has had. EC was completely on top of his game for the first 2/3 of the show and played incendiary solos on every song — this was the most hard-rocking EC concert I’ve seen. For me, the highlights were "Motherless Children", "Anyday", and particularly "I Am Yours." Doyle did an amazing job singing the Bobby Whitlock parts on the latter two. Derek was great throughout, particularly when playing the Duane Allman role on the Dominos tunes. The outro of "Layla" was the best version of the many, many I’ve heard from various bootlegs, with Derek and EC playing simultaneous, inter-weaving solos. EC showed a lot of humility in allowing Robert Cray to take the lead vocal for "Crossroads" — such a great pleasure to see these two perform together. Only quibble is that I would prefer that EC eliminate the Tim Carmon NORD solos in favor of playing another song or two from the back catalog ("The Core" or "I Can’t Stand It" come to mind). For guitar-gear heads: EC played without any effects or pedals, just guitar and amp. He played his dark pewter strat, the belleza nera, and his standard OOO-28. EC & co., thanks for a wonderful evening of music.

Review by Michael Thoma
Just got in from the show last night. This was my first time seeing Eric live and all I can say is WOW! It was everything I expected and ten times more. I actually felt electricity in the Verizon Center from the audience. From all the touring they’ve done this year this band has really come together big time. They came out firing on all cylinders and seemed like they all had a blast on stage which I think is super important. The energy was up for the entire show. I really can’t pick just one highlight from the entire show but if I had to I’d have to say the three synchronized guitars from Motherless Children. And by the way, that Derek Trucks is just sick on guitar. He is really something else. Plus he’s so calm and unphased on stage I mean what a classy guy. I also learned that I better watch my girlfriend around Doyle Bramhall II. After last night she’s loves her some Doyle. Anyway, Great show, Great night. I hope it’s not sad to say but this was one of the highlights of my life. Wishing every night could be a live Clapton show. Thanks Eric and company.

Review by Valoree / Washington DC
Wow…the show was terrific, and Eric being so generous in sharing the stage with other guitar greats was incredible. Clapton is still God and his blues numbers and acoustic guitar selections were spine-tingling. Two hours, non-stop rock and roll! Only downside…The acoustics were not good at all. When Robert Cray performed warm-up they were great, but when the entire Clapton band played the instruments were deadened by "fuzz and reverb", always an issue at this venue. I wish they could get that under control.

Review by Mark Danihel
What a fantastic show! The man is an icon who has survived some of life’s worst adversities and come out on top. As the show opened I was convinced that it would not be on par with other shows I’ve seen. I can’t imagine Eric without Nathan East, Andy Fairweather Lowe, Steve Gadd or Billy Preston (RIP).Wow! Was I ever wrong! I knew that Doyle Bramhall II was a stellar guitarist as seen in his contribution to Sessions For Robert J but I had no idea what a great addition Derek Trucks would be.There is no doubt that Eric assembled a band that complimented him as well as a band that blew the crowd away.

The highlight of my evening was Little Queen of Spades. Nobody, but nobody can play and sing the blues like EC. Although I’d seen the anticipated set list prior to the show I was not expecting such a powerful rendition of this song. In fact, as Eric began this song I was sure he was embarking on Kind Hearted Woman….both of which are  favorites of mine. As it turned out it was Little Queen of Spades and I was beside myself. Eric would have made Robert Johnson proud. What a wonderful Evening!!! Thank you Eric for your wonderful music and thank you for your dedication, commitment and hard work!

Review by Frank Melfi
E.C. came on stage looking fit and energetic . His playing was inspired and brilliant. He allowed the young guys their share of the spotlight and they didn’t disappoint. Doyle and Derek are capable 2nd’s for Eric and they prod him as he hasn’t been since his all blues tour of 1994. The band is incredibly tight . One can see the confidence that Eric has in this band . The only thing that would have made this show even more enjoyable for me would have been for Eric to play the wa wa rather than Doyle. I can only hope that this isn’t Eric’s last tour as he’s proven that he’s overcome time as he’s overcome every other obstacle he’s faced.

Review by Brian Edstrom / Annapolis, MD
I wish he had done a second encore of "Somewhere over the rainbow", that would have been classic and my wife would have loved it! Other than that the concert was great, especially with all the talented younger guitarist of my generation. This was made possible by Eric’s appreciation of talent, skills,desire to play quality music, and his own unselfishness elder statesman to the blues approach to give his fans the best concert performance possible. It’s not ever concert that one can say they saw four top quality guitarists sharing the stage with not only themselves but also an outstanding band "to boot"! That was the best concert that I have ever been to. Thank you, Eric Clapton and friends!

Review by Whitman Rinaldo
We all know that "slow-hand" doesn’t need to show off. Eric’s role was more the conductor and singer. I know he gave the spotlight to the younger guys quite alot. The show in Washington DC was bluesier and more electric than the previous. "Motherless Children" was absolutely brilliant. "I Shot the Sheriff" sounded more authentically reggae than ever. "After Midnight" and "Further On Down the Road" were very nice too. The backing singers especially, Michelle John & Sharon White, blended beautifully and sounded sweet. And Doyle sound great when he pulled out his Les Paul guitar. There were trouble spots with Derek Trucks slide-playing on the extended part of "Layla", which detracted from the show, but it was all-in-all a great show with lots of improvisation.

Review by Listelle Ignacio / Washington D.C.
I was struck dumb by Eric. As an 18 year old, Clapton is GOD! button-totting, Slowhand obsessed fan, you cannot imagine how incredible this first concert was for me. I didn’t believe that he could be elevated any more in my eyes, but he has been. I’m in complete astonishment of him. His music is amazing and tonight was just rocking. The guitar solos in all the songs were kick ass, but Little Queen of Spades was breathtaking for me, as was Layla. Imagine my awe as I witnessed, live, legendary guitarists at work. The gentleman next to me informed me more about Doyle and Derek. I’m convinced the three best guitarists in the world were on stage tonight. The way they, as well as the rest of the band, were all showcased was so well done. Although you definitely knew that this was Clapton’s show, you still got an exciting taste of all the impressive talent he brought along with him. And the transitions between songs was seamless! It was a perfect and endless stream of pure greatness. I also adored his performances of Back Home and especially Wonderful Tonight. Something about how much he puts of himself into his music and into playing it is thrilling to watch. Edit this out if you find it necessary, but watching Clapton tonight was like watching the most intense and satisfying porn known to man. He was making love to those guitars. I’m never going to forget this night. I never thought that I would have an opportunity to see him play live, so I thank God for it. And while I’m at it, I’m going to ask God to please allow me at least one more concert, just one. But if I do my math right, Clapton equals God, so please Mr. Clapton? One more time!!

Review by Bill Moriarty / Fairfax, VA
Having never seen Eric, being a child of the sixties and fan all these years seeing him in concert last night was a long past due and now fulfilled goal in spades. I don’t think I could have picked a better tour. The set list was the same as has been reported throughout the tour, but my did it include some chestnuts like "Anyday", "Got to Get Better in a Little While" and "Motherless Children". This band lineup is just phenomenal. Hall of Fame percussion session of Willie Weeks and Steve Jordon and killers keys by Tim Carmon and Chris Stainton. But, the revelation and highlight of the night was the young gunslingers, Doyle Bramhall II and Derek Trucks.

Clapton shows why he is the keeper of the flame sharing the spotlight and shepherding in a new generation of guitar heroes. Bramhall plays searing solos on a reverse strung, left handed Strat and Trucks is without question a slide God on a Gibson SG. The three slide performance on the relentless "Motherless Children" was just awesome. An of course, Slowhand himself was classic form. With such a varied repertoire to choose from I must be difficult to create a set list, but this one is so varied and the performances so inspiring that it satisfies deeply. This is the type of tour that if you had the time and money would be worth seeing at least twice. I’m off to book my tickets for Miami.

Review by Happy Fletcher/ Pittsburgh PA
I traveled from Pittsburgh to see Eric in DC. I was afraid it would be my last chance to see Eric. I saw his last three shows in Pittsburgh. The DC concert was definitely worth the trip.

I have to say I was worried after the first song that the "students" would be too prominent in the show, especially since I traveled a fair distance to see the "master". Fortunately, in my opinion, Eric (while overly generous at times) played his share of what I came to hear. The next selection, "I Shot the Sheriff" was particularly good, and the students played supporting roles. The acoustic set was outstanding, and it was great to hear songs not often, if ever, found on concert DVDs or recordings.
Eventually, my opinion of the students softened, though Daryl’s (ed. note: Doyle’s) style or sound doesn’t do much for me. However, Derek flat out blew me away. It was a profound moment when Eric took a step back and Derek took over "Little Queen of Spades". I felt like I saw the passing of the torch. Derek’s solo was phenomenal

Overall this was the best Clapton concert since I saw him (for the first time) in support of Unplugged. At two hours, I was disappointed with the show’s length, but then I could listen to Eric play all day long!

Review by Terri Bennett / Fort Washington, MD
This was my first live performance of Eric Clapton and I was thrilled. Been trying to get here for the last 3 times he was here. Incredible is all I can say, I thank GOD I got to see him. Truly hoping he comes back again, unless I am dead I will be there. Thanks Eric for a power filled evening of incredible music and memories.

Review by Thomas Moore
The show was phenomenal. My first concert ever was when I saw at the Providence Civic Center in 1975 (Santana was opening act) when I was finishing 10th grade and last night I took my son who is in the 10th grade last night to his first concert ever. This was the 7th time I’d seen Eric in concert and the show blew me away. This was the first time I’d heard many of the Layla album cuts in concert (Anyday, I Am Yours, Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out) and he didn’t disappoint. I particularly liked Motherless Children and the fast tempo version of After Midnight.

Review by Michael Gillum / Northern California
This was a spur of the moment concert for my wife and me last night as I had accompanied her to DC earlier this week from Northern California for a business trip and to celebrate our 20th Anniversary. We had walked by the Verizon Center the evening before and saw the show advertised on their circular information board. We bought our tickets just two hours before the show and ended up in seats three rows back immediately across from the side of the stage where we were able to watch the Guitar Techs first tune, restring a few of the guitars, and then carry them up onto the stage while the Sound Board Operator did his magic. I didn’t even think about an opening act when we bought the tickets and we were blown away that it was the Robert Cray Band! Robert Cray and his band were fantastic in setting the stage for Eric!

We have both the Crossroads and Tribute to George Harrison DVD’s so we had an idea of the performance to expect as we had never seen Eric before in concert. We were both blown away by the live performance demonstrated by Eric and the band. Not only is Eric one of the best guitarist of all times but everyone else on that stage is also the best at what they do and perform! The play list selection had a little bit of everything to keep everyone I could see entertained and on their feet throughout most of the show! Absolutely amazing show!

We sat next to a father and his 15-16 year old son. The father said that his son is his "hippy musician" that he could take to see this show and that his son already had an excuse for missing school the next day as it was a "Religious Workshop" that he and his son were attending.

When Eric and his band come back through Northern California we will surely take our now 16 year old daughter as we called her once before the show started and then during the concert so she could listen live to "I Shot the Sheriff". She knew who Eric was by hearing several of his songs on my wife’s computer hard drive over the past couple of years but she is definitely now a fan.

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