Concert Details

30 July 2001 – Eric Clapton & His Band


Venue: Pepsi Center

City: Denver

State/Province: CO

Country: United States

Band Lineup:

Eric Clapton – guitar / vocals
Andy Fairweather Low – guitar / vocals
Billy Preston – hammond organ / vocals *
David Sancious – keyboards / guitar / vocals
Nathan East – bass / vocals
Steve Gadd – drums


Doyle Bramhall II & Smokestack

Show Notes:


Special Guest(s):


Set List:

01. Key To The Highway
02. Reptile
03. Got You On My Mind
04. Tears In Heaven
05. Bell Bottom Blues
06. Change The World
07. My Father’s Eyes
08. River Of Tears
09. Going Down Slow
10. She’s Gone
11. I Want A Little Girl
12. Badge
13. Hoochie Coochie Man
14. Stormy Monday
15. Cocaine
16. Wonderful Tonight
17. Blues Jam (while Eric’s stage gear was repaired)
18. Layla
19. Will It Go Round In Circles *
20. Sunshine Of Your Love (encore)
21. Somewhere Over The Rainbow (encore)

Fan Reviews:

Review by JJ

In a word, Spectacular! From the beginning, the humble intro of walking out, waving to the crowd and sitting down to play, set the tone. The crowd was very receptive to the new material from Reptile but seemed to be getting energized for the mainstays. A humorous note: "Change the World" drew a strong reaction from the crowd. I wondered how many of those that responded knew of any previous Eric incarnations, much less had enjoyed living with them! As a devoted fan of the long, "cigarette burning down to the neck" solos, I was hoping for some glimmer of them, but have to respect the fact that Eric is choosing to forego those icons this tour, in favor of strategically placed and more emotive contributions. "Have You Ever Loved a Woman" received the benefit of the strongest solo as a result of 1) an blown amp, 2) a drained battery in the electronics of the current fav Strat, 3) cabling problems, or 4) a combo of the above. David Sancious and Billy Preston covered deftly while the problem was sorted out, but as the problem wore on, Eric appeared to be getting perturbed. His frustration was our gain as he completely tore it up when back in business. The band was incredible…what a collection of excellence. While I think the signature lead in Layla would have been crisper having been done by Andy Fairweather Low, but David Sancious did well. (the only low point was the piano bridge in Layla in which Sancious and Preston played simultaneously which became overmodulated and muddied up the sound). And what about the sound! Whoever the sound technicians are, they are worth every bit the price and more. This show’s sound has set a new high water mark. For the encore of "Will it Go ‘Round in Circles", Eric seemed to be genuinely pleased to give a nod to Billy Preston and through the binocs seemed to be having an immense amount of fun with this song. Eric’s playing continues to amaze me as each time I hear him it has matured to an even higher level. All aspiring guitarists should take a year to do an in-depth study of his style and technique…if you can capture 1/10th of it, you’re set for almost any thing you will encounter! As long as Eric wants to play, we’ll gladly pay for the privilege of being a part of wherever he wants to take us.

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