Concert Details

15 Jun 01 - Eric Clapton


Venue: HSBC Arena

City: Buffalo

State/Province: NY

Country: United States

Band Lineup:

Eric Clapton – guitar / vocals
Andy Fairweather Low – guitar / vocals
Billy Preston – hammond organ
David Sancious – keyboards / guitar / vocals
Nathan East – bass / vocals
Steve Gadd – drums


Doyle Bramhall II & Smokestack

Show Notes:


Special Guest(s):


Set List:

01. Key To The Highway
02. Reptile
03. Got You On My Mind
04. Tears In Heaven
05. Bell Bottom Blues
06. Change The World
07. My Father’s Eyes
08. River Of Tears
09. Going Down Slow
10. She’s Gone
11. I Want A Little Girl
12. Travelin’ Light
13. Hoochie Coochie Man
14. Stormy Monday
15. Cocaine
16. Wonderful Tonight
17. Layla
18. Sunshine Of Your Love (encore)
19. Somewhere Over The Rainbow (encore)

Fan Reviews:

Review by Pete Moore

Eric Clapton strolled onto the stage at HSBC Arena in Buffalo, N.Y., with the same casual style any man might use on his way to work. In this case though, the legendary guitarist put on a performance that was by no means casual. Dressed in a light blue shirt and navy slacks, Clapton quickly strapped on his acoustic guitar and, joined by Andy Fairweather Low on guitar and Nathan East on bass, strummed into "Key To The Highway." Right after the trio, seated at the front of the stage, strolled right into the acoustic namesake of Clapton’s most recent disc, "Reptile". Soon after, Rochester native Steve Gadd joined the group on drums, David Sancious stepped up to the keyboard, and suprise guest Billy Preston completed the squad on Hammond organ.

After "Got You On My Mind," Clapton started the easily recognizable open of "Tears In Heaven," his heart-wrenching conversation with his late son, Conner. The crowd respectively held its breath during the song, responding silently with lit lighters, and then a loud ovation at the tune’s completion. A stirring rendition of "Bell Bottom Blues" turned the page back to the Derek and The Dominos days but the visit was short as the band transitioned into "Change The World".

Clapton was done taking on the show sitting down. Gone was "blackie," his legendary ax, and in it’s place was a bright white, yellow and red replacement. He took the crowd through a tour of "Pilgrim," his 1998 release, by playing "My Father’s Eyes," River of Tears," and "Going Down Slow," the later which ultimately turned into an uptempo version of "She’s Gone". Then it was back to "Reptile" with "I Want A Little Girl." After displaying J.J. Cale’s "Travelin’ Light," he moved into a roaring effort on "Hoochie Coochie Man" that included an extended solo by Preston, the former session keyboardist for the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. With very little time between songs, and only his almost embarrassed-sounding "Thank You" after each ovation, Clapton continued with "Stormy Monday," another Cane-penned track in "Cocaine," and then back-to-back masterpieces written for his ex-wife, Pattie Boyd. The crowd appreciated "Wonderful Tonight" and got on its collective feet for "Layla." The rock anthem with perhaps the most familiar guitar lick and piano solo, Layla was laid out as freshly as the Dominos had done it in the studio with Duane Allman on hand.
Having reached the two-hour mark, the band took its leave of the stage. With rhythmic clapping thundering through the HSBC Arena, Clapton led his charges back out. He immediately ripped into the Cream favorite, "Sunshine of Your Love." Clapton then closed with "Over The Rainbow," a complete surprise, and a pleasant one at that, to the fans who had not followed Clapton’s set lists from this tour on the internet.

In the end it was a complete, masterful performance. Humbly delivered with little on-stage theatrics, the show still left the audience in awe of Clapton’s greatness. His oft-mentioned conservative approach to guitar solos and ad-libs were put forth with as much power as any other single rock force in the history of the genre.

Review by Tom Passamonte

Another solid show from the master. Eric was playing with great intensity, delighting some 18,000 very civilized fans. Among the highlights of the show, an acoustic solo performance of "key to the highway", a mellower version of the classic "bell bottom blues", an enthusiastic offering of the one and only "layla", complete with piano piece, a very nice version of "stormy monday", and tight renditions of "got you on my mind" and "wanna little girl" from the reptile cd.

It’s very important to also note the performances of eric’s bandmates. Steve Gadd on drums-he hails from my hometown -Rochester NY- who wouldn’t want him on their tour? He is simply the best. Nathan East on bass; he is the greatest and tastiest bass player-with that infectious smile of his. Andy Fairweather Low on guitars and vocals – he’s perfect for this gig – a talented player and singer who nicely compliments what Eric does. David Sancious on keyboards – what a player! He nailed all of the parts he had to; a monster talent. He surprised me when he grabbed a stratocaster and played the signature lick on "layla" what a treat that was! He can play!! And last but not least, Billy Preston on keyboards. He stole the hearts of everyone in the place, with his impeccable touch on the piano and organ, and that smiling face. It was good to see him there, considering he had been ill of late.

I’ve been fortunate to see Eric a few times in my life, and each time I’ve seen him, he was great, but i think this show was the best one for me. Eric has truly become vintage wine. His guitar playing never ceases to amaze, and for someone who never wanted to sing much he now posesses one of the best singing voices on the planet! We love you eric! thanks for a great show.

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