Concert Details

24 October 1965 – The Juniors


Eric Clapton's Greek Adventure / Final Gig Before Returning To England


Venue: Cine-Terpsithea

City: Piraeus, Athens

Country: Greece

Band Lineup:

Eric Clapton – Guitar
Surviving Members of The Juniors

Show Notes:

Eric and his mates began planning an around the world trip in mid-summer where they would support themselves by gigging. By August, the plans were in place when a nine seat Ford Fairlane station wagon was purchased. Their first destination was Greece with a stop in Germany for Oktoberfest. 
Before leaving, Eric explained to his band-leader, friend and mentor, John Mayall, why he wanted to make the trip and asked if his job could be held for him if things did not work out. John agreed to hold the position for him and would audition several guitarists. He settled on Peter Green shortly before Eric returned to England at the end of October.
The Glands arrived in Athens at the end of September and secured a gig at The Igloo. Drummer Jake Milton departed for home before the residency began and the band used a local player as stand-in. Eric suggested they call themselves “The Faces” instead and play a set of blues and current hits. Six nights a week (Tuesdays off), they played support to a popular local band, The Juniors, from 7 October. Three days in, on 10 October, The Juniors were in a car accident that killed one of the bandmembers and their manager and seriously injured their guitarist. Eric offered to fill in and played with both bands for up to 12 hours a night from 7PM. Near the end of October, the situation worsened and Eric and his friends resorted to subterfuge to leave the country. Although he took his Gibson Les Paul with him, he left a Marshall Amp behind. He makes his escape following this show. 
On 4 November, Eric was once again gigging with John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers.

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