Concert Details

7 December 1963 – Sonny Boy Williamson & The Yardbirds


Venue: Crawdaddy Club, Star Hotel

City: Croydon, Surrey

Country: United Kingdom

Band Lineup:

Sonny Boy Williamson – Vocals / Harmonica
Eric Clapton – Lead Guitar
Keith Relf – Vocals / Harmonica
Chris Dreja – Rhythm Guitar
Paul Samwell-Smith – Bass
Jim McCarty – Drums

Show Notes:

Before the venue opens to the public, The Yardbirds rehearse with Sonny Boy Williamson. After their solo set, The Yardbird’s back Sonny Boy Williamson for their first public appearance together. They would back Sonny Boy Williamson on a series of 12 gigs from this date through 13 March 1964. The Yardbirds would play a solo set, followed by the set with the American blues musician. Both sets on 8 December 1963 were recorded and released. Their set with Sonny Boy Williamson on 28 February 1964 was also recorded and released. The Yardbirds solo set was not captured that night due to technical difficulties.

The Crawdaddy Club was founded by Giorgio Gomelsky, the first manager of The Rolling Stones and The Yardbirds. He operated two clubs under the name. The first, and better known, was located in Richmond-upon-Thames – first at The Station Hotel and later relocated to the Richmond Athletic Association when a larger space was needed. The second Crawdaddy Club was located at The Star Hotel in Croydon until April 1964. After that date, its name was changed to The Star Club.

Set List:

The Yardbirds’ Set was:
01. Smokestack Lightning
02. You Can’t Judge A Book
03. Take It Easy Baby
04. Talkin’ About You
05. Let It Rock
06. I Wish You Would
07. Boom Boom
08. Honey In Your Hips
09. Who Do You Love

Sonny Boy Williamson’s set list is unknown, but likely similar to the next night’s performance, which was recorded and released.

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