Where’s Eric! #21

Where’s Eric! #21



Where’s Eric! Magazine Issue #21 Featured:

  • The Spiritual Tools: Review of EC’s private New Year’s Eve gig
  • “Pilgrim” Review: in-depth analysis of Eric Clapton’s new album where he writes, sings, plays and produces
  • Book Reviews: BB King’s autobiography, a new Phil Collins’ bio and a potted history of the blues
  • Compact Guide to EC Memorabilia
  • “24 Nights – The Music of Eric Clapton, The Drawings of Peter Blake:” a look at the signed limited edition from Genesis Publications
  • Dream Ticket: one fan’s report of winning a contest to visit one of Eric’s rehearsal, meeting him and asking questions
  • Preview of the 1998 touring season in the US and Europe
  • Feedback: Eric’s one-off appearance at the Dorking Folk Club in 1978, accompanied by John Martyn, with both supporting Hamisch Imlach
  • For The Record: a round-up of recent EC-related releases including “Blues Brothers 2000,” Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings and the Music for Montserrat video

Published April 1998

Where’s Eric!
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