Terry, George

Terry, George

 George Terry was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1950. A guitarist, he began his career as session musician in the late 1960s.

George was a studio musician at Criteria Studios in Miami, Florida when he was first introduced to Eric Clapton in 1970. Prior to signing on with Eric for the 461 Ocean Boulevard sessions in 1974, he worked extensively with Simon & Garfunkel, Sonny & Cher, Neil Diamond and on Bill Wyman’s solo efforts.

In a 1976 interview, George said he was working in a studio next to Eric’s and Eric invited him to jam “when he got bored with his stuff.” This evolved in Terry’s participation on the 461 Ocean Boulevard Sessions and becoming a member of the band. During those sessions, Eric recorded four of George’s songs: “Mainline Florida,” “Lay Down Sally,” “Don’t Blame Me,” and “Let Me Stay.” The latter was not used on the album.

During some of Eric’s 1970s tours, George handled the bulk of the soloing and sang back-up vocals. His association with Eric ended in 1978 when he returned to Florida and session work. Work from this time period include albums by Barbara Streisand, The Bee Gees, Andy Gibb, Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers (all of which were recorded at Criteria Studios, where he was first introduced to Eric). Other artists he has worked with include ABBA, Aretha Franklin, Joe Cocker, Paul Anka, Olivia Newton John, Michael Jackson, The Rolling Stones, Frankie Vallie, Bob Dylan and Stephen Stills. He also penned a hit for the Bellamy Brothers, “What’ll I Do.”

In 2004, George released his first solo album, Guitar Drive. It includes the track leftover from Eric’s 461 Ocean Boulevard sessions, “Let Me Stay.”

He can be heard on 461 Ocean Boulevard, There’s One In Every Crowd, EC Was Here, No Reason To Cry, Slowhand, and Backless.


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