TDF is an acronym for Totally Dysfunctional Family.

In TDF, Eric Clapton posed as “bandmember” x-sample. It was an ill-disguised attempt at anonymity. Simon Climie (keyboards / synthesizer / producer) and Paul Waller (drum programming) rounded out the “group”. Tony Rich provided some vocals, while B.B. King was sampled on one track. It has never been confirmed that Sheryl Crow participated in the recording sessions.

All songs were written and co-produced by Simon Climie and x-sample (Eric Clapton).

TDF’s Retail Therapy CD featured trip-hop, techno, R&B and ambient new age music. It was a stark departure from Eric Clapton’s previous body of work and many did not know what to make of it. The full-length Retail Therapy CD grew out of music Eric Clapton and Simon Climie composed for a Giorgio Armani Fashion Show in 1996. Eric Clapton later said Retail Therapy served as “research and development” for his solo album, Pilgrim (1998).

Released in March 1997, Retail Therapy garnered mixed reviews from critics and fans alike.

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