Grech, Rick

Grech, Rick

 Rick Grech was born on 1 November 1946 in Bordeaux, France. A talented multi-instrumentalist, he played bass and violin on Family’s first two albums before joining Blind Faith.

Playing bass in Blind Faith, the band featured Eric Clapton on guitar, Steve Winwood on keyboards and vocals and Ginger Baker on drums. He began work on a solo album in the fall of 1969. Two of the unfinished tracks later became “bonus tracks” on Blind Faith’s self-titled album when it was released on CD.

Rick went from Blind Faith to a re-formed Traffic with Steve Winwood. He left Traffic in late 1971. He was also a part of Ginger Baker’s Air Force. Rick appeared at Eric’s “comeback concerts” in 1973 at the Rainbow Theater. In the early 70s, he also worked with The Crickets, alongside Albert Lee, who would sign on with Eric Clapton’s band in later years. In 1976, he worked with Ginger again on Ginger Baker & Friends.

Rick eventually left the music industry. He died on 17 March 1990.

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