Eric Clapton – Unreleased Studio Outtakes

Eric Clapton – Unreleased Studio Outtakes

Over the years, studio recordings that did not make it to Eric Clapton’s finished albums have surfaced on bootleg recordings. These CDs can contain alternate mixes, unfinished songs and or even completed songs that just did not work on the album. Occasionally, a real gem of a song is found. These types of discs are usually of interest to completists only. Some of the more noteworthy CDs are:

Look At The Princess (EC Is Here / SB5)
This single disc was issued in 2001. Fifteen tracks recorded at Ryemuse Studios, London. It features several takes of SWLABR and Take It Back. It’s notable for what is new: three takes of “Look At The Princess”, “The Clearout” and “Weird Of Hermiston.”

Nudity – The Lost Radle Tapes (MidValley / SB 3 / 4)
These discs are sourced from tapes of live performances that were in Carl Radle’s possession at one time. Carl played bass for Derek & The Dominos. They were probably recorded at Criteria Studios in August and September 1970 and Olympic Studios, London in April 1971. Some tracks sound as if they were recorded in the studio, others possibly with a mic during playback in the engineer’s booth. Included are alternate takes and mixes of “Layla”, “Have You Ever Loved A Woman” and “Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad.” An interesting look at the evolution of a number of now classic Clapton songs. Disc 2 includes various official mixes of “Layla”.

Substance Volume 2: The Unreleased Second Album (Eternal / SB6)
These discs are sourced from tapes that were in Carl Radle’s possession at one time. In the spring of 1971, the Dominos reentered the studio to record a follow-up to Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs. Drugs and egos got in the way and the overall sessions were a disaster. These two discs are an intimate look into the studio. Despite the problems, there are some real gems and Clapton would later record some of the songs on subsequent solo albums. Tracks include several instrumentals, an early versions of “Mean Old Frisco” and “High”.

Turn Up Down (EC is Here / SB6)
Turn Up Down (MidValley 056 / SB6)

The MidValley version has slightly better sound quality, but it’s tough to tell the discs apart on the average home sound system or if listening in your car. These tracks were recorded in March / April 1980 at Surrey Sound Studios. Turn Up Down is a copy of the album that Clapton submitted to his record company. They rejected it and he was forced back into the studio to record Another Ticket. It is interesting to hear how tracks like “Rita Mae”, “Catch Me If You Can”, and others evolved.

Journeyman Outtakes (ARMS / SB6)
Gems From The Back (label unknown / SB6)

This behind-the-scenes look at songs in progress was recorded during March / April 1989 in New York City. Both titles contain instrumentals, unreleased or alternate takes, and different mixes than found on Journeyman and Lethal Weapon 2. Some prefer this recording of “Hard Times” to the one that was eventually released on Journeyman.

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