Crossroads Centre at Antigua (General Information)

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Crossroads Centre at Antigua (General Information)

Crossroads Centre at Antigua is an international, non-profit facility for recovery from alcohol and drug dependence founded by Eric Clapton in 1997.

Eric Clapton founded the 36 bed residential facility because he saw a great need for the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction in the Caribbean, as well as around the world. As he says on the Centre’s website, “I had treatment and I wanted to give something back. Something that recovery from drugs and alcohol has given me – the chance to live again – with my health – and a better understanding of who I am and what is important in my life.” To do this, he has personally invested his time and money to make it a reality.

Crossroad Centre’s mission is to provide quality care and treatment that is both affordable and accessible. In keeping with this, a foundation based in the United States and a charitable trust in the United Kingdom raise funds to help support those who are unable to afford treatment.

For more information, visit their website Crossroads Centre – Antigua.

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