Crossroads Artist Series Guitar Pedal


Crossroads Artist Series Guitar Pedal

In 2005, Digitech released a new guitar pedal in their artist’s series endorsed by Eric Clapton. Digitech worked with Eric Clapton and his long-time guitar technician, Lee Dickson, to develop the product. The goal was to was to create a pedal that would reproduce the studio and live sounds and effects of Eric Clapton as heard on his recordings. A portion of the proceeds from each sale is donated to Crossroads Centre Antigua founded by Eric Clapton.

The Crossroads Artist Series Pedal features seven selectable “sounds”, described by Digitech as:

“Sunshine of Your Love” – Eric achieved his now infamous “woman tone” by running his amps as hot and loud as possible, rolling back the tone control on his SG and engaging his wah-wah to a fixed position.

“Crossroads” – A pivotal moment in Eric’s career, “Crossroads” was penned by Robert Johnson, Eric’s most important guitar influence. Its electrified delta blues form evolved from Eric’s days with the Bluesbreakers.

“Badge” – Eric used a rotating organ speaker for the swirling guitar breaks between the verse and chorus. This sound was achieved by overdriving the amplifier within the rotary speaker and by strategically placing two microphones around the rotating speakers and panning their signals into a stereo field.

“Layla” (Acoustic) – A pivotal moment in Eric’s career was his live acoustic performance on the MTV television series “Unplugged”. This setting transforms your electric guitar signal into Eric’s vintage acoustic heard on this performance.

“Layla” – Eric’s most recognized guitar riff and song feature him on “Brownie,” his Fender Stratocaster electric guitar, through a tweed Fender Champ amplifier.

“Lay Down Sally” – a country style shuffle featuring Eric and George Terry in a counterpoint guitar duet.

“Reptile” – Eric’s title track on his 2001 release “Reptile” features a classic Gibson L-5 jazz guitar played through his custom Cornell tweed combo. Some chorusing and reverb were added during mixdown.

For more information, visit the Digitech Eric Clapton Artist Page

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