Casser, Brian

Casser, Brian

Brian Casser came to prominence with the Liverpool band, Cass And The Casanovas in 1959 / 1960. Brian was a contemporary of The Beatles in that city. Eventually, he was ousted by the other members, who renamed the band The Big Three.

He moved to London in 1961 and became manager of the Blue Gardenia Club in Soho.

In 1963, when Liverpool groups were exploding on the world music scene, he decided to put together a new band, Casey Jones and the Engineers. A pop outfit, group members wore matching uniforms and confederate caps. Eric played seven gigs over several weeks on the Northern Beat and Cabaret Circuit. The first show was at the Civic Hall in Macclesfield, Cheshire. Performances followed at The Oasis and the Belle Vue Amusement Park, both in Manchester. At the Civic Hall and The Oasis gigs, The Engineers were also required to back cabaret singer Polly Perkins. Later on, Eric said the band helped him get his chops together.

Brian Casser began using the stage name “Casey Jones” with this band. Later, as leader of Casey Jones & the Governors, became successful in Germany in the mid-1960s achieving six top 40 singles and released two albums.

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