Capaldi, Jim

Capaldi, Jim

 Jim Capaldi was born in Evesham, Worchestershire on 24 August 1944. His given name is Nicola James Capaldi. He excelled as a drummer, percussionist, and vocalist during his decades-long career.

He formed his first band at 14 and soon recorded for Pye Records in a band called the Hellions. After playing in a series of local bands in the mid-60s, Jim began to make his mark as a session player. While a member of Deep Feeling with Dave Mason, they would jam with other Birmingham bands. Through these jams, they met Steve Winwood. Traffic eventually grew from this association. Much of the band’s material was written through the partnership of Capaldi and Winwood.

When Traffic disbanded in 1974 after recording 11 albums, he became part of Mason-Capaldi-Wood and later, Frog. He has been much in demand as a session player throughout his career. Jim has also written songs for other artists, including “Love Will Keep Us Alive” for the Eagles.

Jim released his first solo album while still a a member of Traffic. His hits include “Love Hurts” (1975), “That’s Love” (1982) and “Something So Strong” (1987). Eric Clapton guested on his 1988 release,Some Came Running.

Traffic reformed for the album, Far From Home, and a tour in 1993-1994. In 1998, he toured the U.S. with fellow Traffic founder, Dave Mason.

Jim first worked with Eric at the Rainbow Concert in 1973. He took part in “The Concert For George” (a tribute concert in George Harrison’s memory) on 29 November 2002 for which Eric acted as music director.

Traffic was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2004.

Jim died from cancer on 28 January 2005.

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