Winwood / Clapton: MSG Set List 26 February 2008

For those going to the final concert on Thursday, this is a spoiler. If you don’t want to know the set list prior to the performance, stop reading now. Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood played the second of their three shows to a sold out crowd at New York City’s Madison Square Garden on Tuesday, 26 February 2008.

The set list was quite similar to Monday evening’s ("Cocaine" instead of "Crossroads"). Stand out songs were "Forever Man", "Pearly Queen" and "Had to Cry Today".

Winwood / Clapton: The Band

Eric Clapton – guitar, vocals
Steve Winwood – hammond organ, guitar, vocals
Chris Stainton – keyboards
Willie Weeks – bass
Ian Thomas – drums

Winwood / Clapton: Set List for Tuesday 26 February, 2008

01. Had To Cry Today
02. Low Down
03. Forever Man
04. Them Changes
05. Sleeping In The Ground
06. Presence Of The Lord
07. Glad / Well Alright
08. Double Trouble
09. Pearly Queen
10. Tell The Truth
11. No Face
12. After Midnight
13. Split Decision
14. Ramblin On My Mind (EC solo acoustic)
15. Georgia On My Mind (SW solo hammond)
16. Little Wing
17. Voodoo Chile
18. Can’t Find My Way Home
19. Cocaine
20. Dear Mr Fantasy (encore)

The final show takes place at The Garden on Thursday.

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