News Adds The 1980s To Eric Clapton Tour Archive

The Where’s Eric! Team has rolled out a brand new decade within the Eric Clapton Tour Archive on covering the years 1980 to 1989. It now has information on 1,665 events from the last thirty-one years (1980 to 2011). When known, the band lineup, set list, support act, special guests, notes about the show and information about official and bootleg releases are provided. It has also been re-designed making it easier to locate information and navigate within the archive.

To expand this section, the Where’s Eric! Team relied on the magazine’s extensive archives, data stored in previous incarnations of, the personal collections of staff members and contributors, as well as books by Clapton biographer Marc Roberty. The next expansion will cover the 1970s. Eventually, it will include information about all live performances from the earliest days of Eric Clapton’s career in 1963.

Clicking on the site’s Tour Dates button brings you to the main page of the Eric Clapton Tour Archive. At the top, is a list of years. Click on one to view all the concerts in that year. Then, click on the details button to view the band lineup, set list and other available information from that concert. Below the list of years on the main Tour Dates page you will find a comprehensive list of all upcoming Eric Clapton concerts. (A list of Eric’s next five concerts can always be found on the right side of any page within the site).

HELP WHERE’S ERIC! FILL IN THE BLANKS! Did you go to a show in 1983 and wrote down the set list? Does your ticket stub from 1987 have the name of the support act? Did you keep reviews from local newspapers? Did a friend give you a tape of a gig so you know the full set list? If you have any information that can help expand the Tour Archive of and fill in some of the inevitable blanks from 1980 to present, please send the details to It is also helpful to us if you let us know the type of source you relied on for the information … just like school teachers the world over, the Where’s Eric! Team prefers primary sources (newspaper account or magazine article, your personal notes, you have a recording of the show vs. my sister’s boyfriend at the time told me about it).

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