Where’s Eric! Issue 49

Where’s Eric! Issue 49 is out now and packed with previously unseen photos, features and exclusive interviews. It is in the post to all magazine subscribers.

Our mailing partner has advised that the postal sector is still experiencing significant delays so it could take up to 10 weeks to reach some global locations. The editiorial team appreciates your patience whilst waiting for it to drop through your letter box.

The magazine, founded in 1992, is available by three-issue subscription only.  The new issue has the following articles, interviews and features:

On the Road with EC – Doing what he does best, Eric sets off to visit the Southern States of the USA

Phil Palmer, Session Man – Featured on more than 500 studio albums and over 50 number one singles worldwide; toured with Eric, George Michael, Tina Turner, Dire Straits et al; Phil talks us through the background to his autobiography.

The Lady in the Balcony: Lockdown Sessions – When all the best laid plans for live performances get scrapped because of a global pandemic, call your friends over for an intimate little session. Sounds easy? No way! Read all about the logistical and musical background to Eric’s latest, and one of his most authentic, performances in what, we believe, is another world exclusive review for Where’s Eric!.

The Lady in the Balcony Part 2 – Fans’ favourite, Nathan East, recounts his own Lockdown Sessions story

The Lady in the Balcony Part 3 – Guitar Technician and Master Craftsman, Dan Dearnley, explains how he went about building a new 12-string guitar for his boss!

For the Record – A round up of recent EC-related releases

Where’s Eric!
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