Six-String Stories By Eric Clapton: Collector Edition Now Available For Pre-Order From Genesis Publications

The Collector Edition of Six-String Stories by Eric Clapton is now available for pre-order from Genesis Publications. The book features Eric’s previously unheard stories and unpublished photographs. Each is personally signed as a mark of his approval. The hand-crafted binding is inspired by the book’s content. They are quarter bound in cherry red leather to match Eric’s famous Gibson ES-335. The silhouettes of some of his most iconic guitars are blocked in gold and silver foils onto the cover. The book’s 376 pages are also edged in gold. There are 1,650 copies available in the Collector Edition and are numbered 351 to 2,000.

A deluxe edition of 350 copies sold out in less than 24 hours when it became available for pre-ordering last month. That signed edition featured a leather and wood bookbinding with guitar detailing. Additionally, each deluxe copy included an original drawing by Eric Clapton reproduced as a limited edition art print.

Six-String Stories begins with Eric’s blues roots and early days and documents his entire career through the tools of his trade: his guitars. Six-String Stories is told through his own words, with background information for each instrument and archival photography spanning five decades. Nearly 300 pieces from Eric’s collection, sold across three Crossroads auctions, are brought together here for the very first time. It presents a ‘family tree’, making connections between his instruments and amps, and placing them in the chronology of his career.

The sale of Six-String Stories will benefit Crossroads Centre.

For more information about the Collector Edition and to pre-order, visit Genesis Publications: Six-String Stories by Eric Clapton

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