The Search Continues For Rare Eric Clapton Visual Media For The EC Video Anthology

The authorized, career-spanning Eric Clapton Video Anthology continues to be developed. When completed, it will represent the most comprehensive overview of Eric’s 40+ year career ever assembled. The project was first announced in April 2006.

Previously, fans were asked to search their personal archives for rare video and photographs of Eric prior to 1980. The fan response to the project’s producers has been gratifying and overwhelming. However, the search continues for rare material of Eric in performance as well as private, off-stage moments. You will be credited and compensated if your material is used.

The producers are especially seeking any 8mm or 16mm home movies, video and photographs of Eric as a group member and solo artist from the following periods:
– The Yardbirds
– John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers
– Cream
– Derek & The Dominos
– Eric offstage in the early 1970s

If you have any visual media in the above categories, contact the producers directly by email at or send a letter with your complete contact information,including telephone number, to the address below. Please describe the material you have to the producers in your email or letter, but do not send your images or film initially.

EC Anthology
c/o W Management
266 Elizabeth Street – 1A
New York, NY 10012

Click on this link to email the EC Anthology Producers
Please note there is an underscore mark ( _ ) between “ec” and “anthology” in the address:

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