Pino Daniele and Eric Clapton Headline Benefit Concert In Italy

On 24 June, musical superstars Pino Daniele and Eric Clapton teamed up for a benefit concert to aid children’s causes at Stadio di Cava De’ Tirreni in Italy. Proceeds from the sold out event will fund a CT Scanner for the Pediatric Oncology Hospital Pausilipon in Naples and the work of the charitable foundation, Open Onlus, which is committed to fighting childhood tumors and cancers. One fan in attendance told Where’s Eric!, "It was definitely worth the trip from Rome! At the beginning, Pino came on stage alone, said a few words and introduced EC. The two of them then played Boogie Boogie Man and Napul’è on their Strats. Eric walked off and the the band went on stage to perform a rich and solid set of Pino’s biggest hits: Je So Pazz, A Me Me Piace ‘O Blues, Quando, Che Male C’è, Quando, O Scarrafone and others (not exactly in this order). Then, Eric came back for a short but very strong solo set, preceded by a very cool instrumental jam including Key To The Highway, Hoochie Coochie Man, Crossroads (2010s Crossroads Festival arrangement), Wonderful Tonight and Cocaine (Pino joined for these last two, singing in Italian the second verse of Wondeful Tonight). Then, there were some other Pino solo songs, like Sara, Io Per Lei and the gorgeous closing with Yes I Know My Way, turned into another stunning jam. I have to highlight Steve Gadd’s solo on the last, moving. The encore was nothing but perfection, THE one I have been waiting for for years, plugged back in. Yes, LAYLA! Eric sang it very well and made a fabulous job with the solo, both after the third chorus and during the coda. Pino enriched it with great guitar tremolo playing, deeply resembling Duane’s or Derek’s slide work. Willie Weeks even helped on the backing vocals, sharing EC’s mic. Just perfect.

Another long-time WE! follower said, "Clapton gave a really inspired Crossroads and an agressive Cocaine between softer but Italian melodies. A nice evening in a wonderful land."

Band Lineup
Eric Clapton – guitar / vocals
Pino Daniele – guitar / vocals
Chris Stainton – keyboards
Gianluca Podio – keyboards
Mel Collis – saxophone
Willie Weeks – bass 
Steve Gadd – drums

SET LIST – 24 JUNE 2011
01. Boogie Boogie Man – Pino Daniele and Eric Clapton, no band
02. Napule è – Pino Daniele and Eric Clapton, no band
03. Tutta ‘nata Storia – Pino Daniele and band
04. Je So’ Pazzo – Pino Daniele and band
05. A Me Me Piace ‘o Blues – Pino Daniele and band
06. Dimentica – Pino Daniele and band
07. Dubbi Non Ho – Pino Daniele and band
08. Che Male C’è – Pino Daniele and band
09. Sara Non Piangere – Pino Daniele and band
10. Chi Tene ‘o Mare – Pino Daniele and band
11. Quando – Pino Daniele and band
12. Per Te – Pino Daniele, Eric Clapton and band
13. Key To The Highway – Eric Clapton and band
14. Hoochie Coochie Man – Eric Clapton and band
15. Crossroads – Eric Clapton and band
16. Wonderful Tonight – Eric Clapton, Pino Daniele and band
17. Cocaine – Eric Clapton, Pino Daniele and band
18. ‘O Scarrafone – Pino Daniele and band
19. Il Sole Dentro Di Me – Pino Daniele and band
20. Nun Me Scuccià – Pino Daniele and band
21. Io Per Lei – Pino Daniele and band
22. Yes I Know My Way – Pino Daniele and band
23. Layla – Eric Clapton, Pino Daniele and band

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