Paul Stewart, Eric Clapton Record U.K. Charity Single “Fly Free”. To Be Released 15 November 2009.

Paul Stewart – eldest son of Formula One legend Sir Jackie Stewart – and Eric Clapton have recorded a charity single, entitled "Fly Free." Recorded in honour of his father’s 70th birthday, a film for the song was also produced by Paul’s younger brother, Mark. Both will be available for purchase by download when they are released on 15 November 2009. All moneys raised will be donated to the Formula One charity, The Grand Prix Mechanics’ Charitable Trust. The trust was founded by Sir Jackie Stewart and others more than 20 years ago. It assists Grand Prix, former Grand Prix mechanics, their wives, widows and children in times of need.

It is not known if the recording of "Fly Free" and the short companion film will be available for purchase outside the U.K.

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