New EC Video: Stones In My Passway

Watch it here! Eric Clapton has released a new music video for the Robert Johnson blues classic, “Stones In My Passway.” The track is from his new album, I Still Do and was filmed in black and white while Eric and his band were at work in the recording studio.

In his 2004 DVD, Sessions For Robert J, Eric said “Stones In My Passway” is incredibly difficult to play as there’s a melody on guitar underneath the vocal melody with different time signatures. For Sessions, he recorded a solo acoustic version.

In a recent interview with Guitar World, Eric said, “If we talk about it in terms of a 12-bar blues, it’s in the second section. The first section is the A section; when you get to the B section, and you move up to the IV chord, there’s a phrase he plays underneath his vocal that I can’t do. I can’t sing it and play that phrase, and I will never do it, I don’t think. I think I’ve tried all my life to figure out how to do that—because the time signature of the singing is one way and the playing is another. They’re syncopated in very different ways. So it’s always needed to be an ensemble piece. We did it well, but I’m still… Glyn would tell you I’m still not satisfied. I still think we could do it better. [laughs] You’ll be hearing that again.” The full interview can be found in the magazine’s July 2016 issue.

“Stones In My Passway” From I Still Do (2016)

“Stones In My Passway” From Sessions For Robert J  (2004)

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