Mural Of Eric Clapton To Be Created At The Royal Albert Hall By The Daydream Network For New Exhibit

Like the proms, Eric Clapton has become a mainstay at London’s 138-year old Royal Albert Hall. He’ll be performing at the venue in May, but in June he’ll be immortalized in an exciting new street art project at the venue.

The Royal Albert Hall has commissioned the Daydream Network to transform the loading bay into a gallery of graffiti art depicting the venue’s history. Located three floors underground, it usually only sees action for the loading in of equipment for the various performances that occur in the auditorium 350 nights per year. To give an idea of just how busy the venue is, concerts by other performers – including Nick Lowe, Jackson Browne and George Thorogood – will be happening on the "off" nights of Clapton’s 11 night residency which takes place between 16 and 31 May! The artists from the Daydream Network will only have 5 days and nights to complete the work in June during a time when the loading bay won’t be in much use.

The murals will include 10 foot tall portraits of Eric Clapton, Lucianio Pavarotti, Jimi Hendrix, Frank Sinatra, The Killers, Muhammed Ali, Winston Churchill and representations of the Suffragette movement. The exhibition, entitled "Load", opens 22 June.

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