John “Crash” Matos And The 50 Fender Custom Shop Stratocasters

Where’s Eric! Magazine had the world exclusive feature and color photos of ALL Eric Clapton’s Graffitti guitars in Issue 35 of the magazine, which is still available as a back issue. Order Issue 35.

In January of 2007, visual artist John "Crash" Matos finished painting the 50th guitar body for a limited edition run of Stratocasters (50 total) from the Fender Custom Shop. The project, which Matos began in late 2004, was inspired by the graffiti-style Stratocaster bodies he had painted for Eric Clapton, one of which, known as Crash-3, was sold in the 2004 Christie’s Eric Clapton Crossroads Auction for $321,000.

Since the beginning of the Custom Shop project in 2004, Crash has chronicled his work on the 50 Fender Custom Shop guitars (referred to in this article as the Fender Custom Shop Crashocasters) in his online Modern Guitars journal titled "Crash Pad".

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