J.J. Cale Joins Clapton On Stage In San Diego

At the iPay One Center in San Diego on 15 March 2007, Eric was joined on stage by J.J. Cale near the middle of the almost two hour concert. J.J. Cale is a long-time resident of the area and the crowd responded warmly to his presence.

The men collaborated recently on the CD, "The Road To Escondido". The delighted audience heard the men perform "Anyway The Wind Blows," "After Midnight," "Who Am I Telling You?," "Don’t Cry Sister," and "Cocaine".

One fan in attendance told Where’s Eric!, "This was a dream come true for Derek and the Dominoes fans and blues guitar fans in general. The riffs I heard were almost unspeakably great. Derek Trucks is totally phenomenal. Eric was faster than I remember him in a long time and the entire set was over the top! Add J.J. Cale’s appearance and Guitar heaven was right in front of me. I have seen slowhand several times since, yes, the 70s, including him and Carlos together, but this show here in San Diego was at a unprecedented level of musicianship."

Like previous shows on this leg of the tour, the remainder of Eric’s set drew heavily on material recorded for 1970’s "Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs." Radio hits "Wonderful Tonight" and "After Midnight" were also included in the performance. Robert Cray, who opens the show, also stepped out on stage for the night’s closing song, "Crossroads".

Eric Clapton is in the midst of the second leg of his U.S. Tour, which is part of his much larger World Tour that began last year. The band now moves up the California coast and Canada . The World Tour ends 6 April in Columbus, Ohio.

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