Introducing The Gaddabouts

With a name like "The Gaddabouts" you know that legendary drummer and longtime Eric Clapton bandmember Steve Gadd must be involved! The band is rounded out by Edie Brickell and two other Clapton Band alums, Andy Fairweather Low and Pino Palladino. The Gaddabouts will release their debut album in January 2011. Their concert premiere will follow in April 2011 and will be a part of WFUV’s Concert Series in New York City. Two tracks from the forthcoming album are currently streaming on

The Gaddabouts grew out of demo sessions put together by Steve and Edie in 2000. They enlisted Andy and Pino for further sessions. The band had a groove, but due to their respective touring schedules and family commitments, they shelved the project for a decade. In his Where’s Eric! Interview (Issue 41), Steve spoke about the project, "Years ago, Edie wanted to do some things and we started to put something together, then we got sidetracked. We finally ended up finishing it so we’re going to put it out. It’s The Gaddabouts because Edie didn’t want it to be Edie Brickell and the … or The Edie Brickell Band. She wanted it to be a group, just the name of the band so she came up with the name."

The album will include songs written by Edie in those intervening years plus others that were composed as the band worked in the studio. Produced by Steve and recorded by Andy Smith, the album also features the talents of Dan Block, Ronnie Cuber, Joey DeFrancesco, Gil Goldstein, Marcus Rojas, and Luisito Quintero.

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