Europe 2020: Tom Misch To Open For Eric Clapton In 5 Cities

On 24 March 2020, Eric Clapton’s European Tour was rescheduled to Spring / Summer 2021. Details HERE

Tom Misch, who wowed audiences at Eric Clapton’s 2019 Crossroads Guitar Festival, will head out on the road with the music legend in early June. Tom will warm up audiences in Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Zurich, Milan and Bologna during Leg One of Eric Clapton’s 2020 European Tour.

A native of South London, Tom’s introduction to music came through his family, including his psychiatrist father, a passionate violinist, who would take him to concerts and the opera as a young boy. He sang in a choir at school, and picked up the violin himself at age four. His family discovered Tom could sing when he belted out Patrick Watson’s “Man Like You” one day after school. When one of his older sisters took up guitar and abandoned it, nine-year-old Tom inherited the instrument and taught himself to play Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Nirvana songs. Today, he also plays bass, banjo, and a smattering of keys.

Tom discovered hip-hop at 15 when one of his sister’s boyfriends introduced him to the music of J Dilla. from then on, he was hooked. He took up Music Technology at school and learned how to create his own music on Logic Pro. When not at school, he’d make beats in his room. Tom started posting tracks to SoundCloud in 2012, where his audience grew organically.

Now 24, Tom says he never had a grand plan. Up-and-coming rappers started sampling his beats and by 2014, he and singer/songwriter Carmody released and EP. More beat tapes, EPs and singles followed and in 2018, his debut studio album, Geography, was released. It’s follow-up, What Kinda Music, is due in April.

Check out Tom’s music at on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube and below. 

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