Escondido Mayor Proclaims “The Road To Escondido Day”

Press Release from the City of Escondido, California
27 October 2006

At the November 1 City Council meeting, Mayor Lori Holt Pfeiler will read a proclamation recognizing November 7 as "The Road to Escondido Day", the date which Eric Clapton and J.J. Cale release their collaborative CD of the same name.

In mid-September, an official news release announced that Clapton and Cale’s new CD would bear the City’s name. Escondido community members were overwhelmingly enthusiastic about the serendipitous honor.

"We believe Eric Clapton found Escondido to be an intriguing place," said Mayor Pfeiler. "Escondido believes in and supports art and we are absolutely delighted to be named on his new CD. Escondido is unique and now the world will wonder: ‘Where is Escondido?’ Those who search for us will find an awesome community!"

While the official news release about the CD did not cite specific references to Escondido beyond the title, various sources speculate that some songs were written in or around the city. Additionally, Eric Clapton was spotted at a Friday evening Cruisin’ Grand last year and J.J. Cale resides in the area.

Official copies of the proclamation will be sent to Eric Clapton and J.J. Cale, while one will be kept at City Hall.


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