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The new signed limited edition book SIX-STRING STORIES by Eric Clapton is available now from Genesis Publications with a special 10% discount for WHERE’S ERIC! magazine subscribers and website visitors. Simply use the code CROSSROADS at checkout online at or quote the offer when ordering in person at the Crossroads Guitar Festival this week. Each of the 2,000 numbered books in the edition is personally signed by Eric Clapton. SIX-STRING STORIES will benefit Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Centre Antigua.

One by one these guitars were the chapters of my life – Eric Clapton.

Beginning with his blues roots and early days, Eric’s limited edition book documents his entire career through the tools of his trade: his guitars. SIX-STRING STORIES is told through his own words, with background information for each instrument and archival photography spanning five decades. Nearly 300 pieces from Eric Clapton’s guitar collection, sold across three Crossroads auctions, are brought together here for the very first time. SIX-STRING STORIES presents a ‘family tree’, making connections between Clapton’s instruments and amps, and placing them in the chronology of his career. Every instrument has been photographed, showing the beauty of the design and the wear and tear often caused by years on the road. The guitars are also shown in play, with performance shots of Clapton taken by over 80 of the world’s best photographers, including David Bailey, Terry O’Neill, Dominique Tarlé and Lord Snowdon.

The Crossroads Centre is still going, so it all had some substance, and that made parting with my guitars OK – Eric Clapton

SIX-STRING STORIES can be ordered online from Genesis Publications at or in person at Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Guitar Festival at Madison Square Garden, April 12-13th.

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This exclusive 10% discount is available until April 30th 2013 – simply enter the voucher code CROSSROADS when prompted during online checkout, or quote this offer when ordering in person.

Six-String Stories
Eric Clapton
ISBN: 9781905662227
Limited: 2,000 copies

Signed by Eric Clapton

Paper: 200gsm Matt Art

Binding: Quarter hand-bound in cherry red leather to match Clapton’s famous Gibson ES-335.

The silhouettes of some of his most iconic guitars are blocked in gold and silver foils onto the cover.

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