Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood 2011 Japan Tour Poster

NOW ONLY AVAILABLE FROM ERIC CLAPTON SALES, THE OFFICIAL EC EBAY STORE! A hand numbered limited run of only 250 posters worldwide was commissioned to commemorate Eric Clapton’s 2011 tour of Japan with Steve Winwood. The 24”x36” poster, by artist John Van Hamersveld, is printed in eight custom colors using soy inks on archival "green" paper. The artwork also references the iconic Blind Faith album cover. Each of the limited edition prints has a 1"x1" embossment for authentication. The poster was initially made available only at where it sold out in three days earlier this week due to extraordinarily high demand. The few remaining posters in the edition will be made available only from Eric Clapton Sales, the official Eric Clapton eBay Store. Click here to view the poster.

Eric Clapton Sales is an online store that only sells official merchandise. All items come direct from Eric’s warehouse. The eBay Store has an always changing inventory of exlusive collector’s items, collectible backstage passes (unused from previous tours), concert programs, guitar auction catalogs, posters, t-shirts, caps, mugs and other items.

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Click here to view the 2011 Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood 2011 Japan Tour Poster on Eric Clapton Sales.

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