Eric Clapton: Slowhand At 60 – BBC Radio 2 Tribute Hosted By Johnnie Walker

BBC Radio 2 Presenter Johnnie Walker – who, like Eric, celebrates his birthday on 30 March – will host an hour-long programme in honor of Eric’s 60th Birthday. This is Eric’s first long-form radio interview in quite some time.

BBC Radio 2 has described the programme, “…Eric Clapton recalls his 40 plus years in the music business, beginning with the Yardbirds and Cream, before progressing to international stardom as a solo performer. He talks openly about his personal battles with drug and alcohol addiction and gives an insight to his music and philosophy of music making.”

Eric Clapton: Slowhand at 60 is scheduled for broadcast Saturday 26 March (20:30-21:30) on BBC Radio 2.

Fans will be able to listen online at BBC Radio 2.

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