Eric Clapton Plans Memoir, Boxed Set and Tour

Eric Clapton will follow musicians Bob Dylan and Sting with a book about his life, telling of his 40 years as the top rock and blues guitarist of his age in which he went "to hell and back," publisher Doubleday said on Thursday October 13, 2005.

Eric Clapton will pen his memoirs for Doubleday in the United States, and Century in Britain, both owned by Bertelsmann AG, which expects to publish the volume in 2007.

Clapton "will write frankly about every aspect of his personal and musical odyssey, addressing everything that is known about his life as well as much that is not," according to the publisher.

The as-yet-untitled book will be co-written with Christopher Simon Sykes, a close friend since 1967.

The publishers said a boxed set of his music will be released by Warner Brothers to coincide with the book and Clapton will tour ahead of its release.

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