Eric Clapton & Maro: Tears In Heaven

Watch MARO & Eric Clapton Perform Tears In Heaven in the Playlist at

Recently recorded for MARO’s “Calling” Project that was started in response to the Coronavirus Pandemic. 

MARO, a 23 year-old multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and composer, started a song cycle titled “Calling” when the coronavirus pandemic began. MARO, who hails from Lisbon, Portugal and is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music, began reaching out to other musicians to invite them to perform with her. The music created during their “call” is shared as a split-screen video on YouTube. MARO’s most recent “calling” features a musician she has admired her entire life, Eric Clapton. The video of their performance of Eric’sTears In Heaven can be watched in the playlist at

MARO revealed in a Facebook post that she has listened to Eric’s music her entire life. “I don’t remember not knowing his work,” she wrote.  “I do remember when I got enough money to buy that little square iPod and would listen to Layla over and over again.” MARO continued, “Eric’s songs are iconic, not just to me but to all of us, I’m sure. And I’ve said this before but for an artist to take a song of theirs and be willing to do it in a different key, with a different arrangement and in a very specific way of recording, it takes a whole lot of generosity. To Eric: I know there’s no way to match your epic recordings and performances but thank you for letting me try, I’m forever grateful.”

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