Eric Clapton in Leipzig

Aaah, liebe Leipzig! Thanks to all our members who are sending in photos of the tour, we appreciate it. Here’s Shoichi Yoshida from Tokyo outside the Leipzig Arena where Eric put in another fine performance with plenty of smiles on stage.

If you were at this gig, tell us about it at Reviews will be posted in the Eric Clapton Tour Archive for every EC concert. Send your best photos, too!

Next stop the Baltics!

Patrick Krämer from Germany sent us this review:

This was my first Eric Clapton concert.

The band was in a really good mood. I was in the first row, only four meters away from the God himself.
The opening act with Andy Fairweather Low was also really good. The delight of the audience knew no bounds when Andy and his band played their last song of their set, Sweet Home Chicago. Andy even joined the stage for the encore. When Andy hit the first chord, Eric was surprised how loud Andy´s amp was. So he laughed and turned his amp also louder.This was a really funny moment.

The evening had many funny moments like that. For example when the audience clapped in the wrong rhythm during Layla. Steve Jordan and Willie Weeks noticed that, looked at each other and laughed loudly. Until then, Sharon White clapped with her hands and the crowd finally found the right rhythm. Steve Jordan also had missed the ending of one song and as Eric noticed it, he almost died laughing at him. In the next song, Jordan delayed the ending especially long. Doyle and Eric enjoyed it. But the best part was when Eric missed, two times in a row, the chorus part of Sunhsine of your love. Doyle Bramhall found it very amusing.

Highlight of the evening for me was blues power and the solo on Little Queen of spades. Just incredible. In this solo you could see why he is still the God of guitar and that he still has it. Unfortunately Eric does not play solos so often anymore. He did very often let other members take the lead, played rhythm and enjoyed the band. But nevertheless the whole band was absolutely fantastic.

All in all it was an unforgettable experience and I hope that this will not be my last concert with Eric Clapton.

Greetings fom Germany, Patrick Krämer

2 June 2013 Set List – Eric Clapton & His Band
Leipzig Arena

01. Hello Old Friend
02. My Fathers Eyes
03. Tell The Truth
04. Gotta Get Over
05. Black Cat Bone
06. Got To Get Better In A Little While
07. Come Rain Or Come Shine (EC & Paul Carrack – vocals)
08. I Shot the Sheriff
09. Driftin’ Blues
10. Tears in Heaven
11. Layla
12. It Ain’t Easy (Paul Carrack – vocals)
13. Wonderful Tonight
14. Tears in Heaven
15. Blues Power
16. Love In Vain
17. Crossroads
18. Little Queen Of Spades
19. Cocaine
20. Sunshine Of Your Love (with Andy Fairweather Low)
21. High Time We Went (with Andy Fairweather Low)

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